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MyCareer is an exciting new way for job recruiters to discover and search talent. It is one of the most innovative resume exchange marketplaces that will surely drive the market to new heights. Now don’t let talent simply slip away! Just grab the best resumes, save it on the spot and hire the best pool of talents in just a few taps. Download the app now and explore more.
Platform/OS PhoneGap, HTML5, CSS
Category Education
URL www.MyCareer.com | Android Application | iOS Application


With best industry standards and established development protocols, MyCareer was built successfully. The application made it easy for recruiters to grab the most robust, efficient and performance-driven talent across the world. Moreover, it allows recruiters to have access to their preferred resources, share your peer various notes, reminders and lot more. The application also offers aesthetically appealing user interface and result-driven user experience that created a positive impact on business conversions.



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