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The client is well known for its water generation innovations and other sustainability solutions. Its groundbreaking product, Eternal Spring, is a device that can extract water from the air regardless of the humidity level. The company also deals in the digital healthcare ecosystem.

  • Health tech provider

  • North America


The brand wishes to ensure continuity in its business operations with an Odoo upgrade and introducing features like secured auto part payments.


We set up all data backups and restoration for minimal business downtime for the digital healthcare ecosystem provider. Our expertise and Odoo Gold Partner status equip us to keep the new platform running smoothly. We also integrated strategic integrations like secure payments to boost purchases.

List of Services Offered

Case Study


Central Tracking Leads And Appointments with CRM

The company did not have full visibility of all leads, preventing the business from maximizing growth. With the CRM integration, leads were visible and accountable to avoid missing opportunities. With real-time auto-entry created in the system, respective teams were assigned to pursue the active leads.

Introduced Secure Transactions with Advanced Payment Gateways

We won customers’ trust by integrating payments into the website. The client saw an uptick in order completion after the integrated payment facility. The feature also automatically added the part payment booking when the quotation was signed and next when shipping was initiated. The strategic move of reduced steps allowed for smoother payments.

Clearly Displaying Terms Of Service

To prioritize customer trust, we implemented a system that presents the Terms of Service before any quotation is signed. This allowed customers to review them conveniently, fostering transparency and building confidence in our brand. The result was increased customer trust, directly translating to higher sales conversions.

Odoo CRM Streamlined Appointment Tracking

We eliminated manual data entry by seamlessly integrating the website’s appointment page with Odoo CRM. Now, appointment requests automatically generate new leads within the system. This empowers the client with effortless appointment tracking and centralized lead management across all sales teams, all within the powerful Odoo CRM platform.

Technology Stack

Project management tools

Azure DevOps

Azure DevOps


Azure DevOps

Azure DevOps

Payment gateway

Azure DevOps

Azure DevOps


Azure DevOps

Azure DevOps

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