Tailored Odoo-Based eLearning System

Brainvire crafted an innovative Odoo-based eLearning platform for students, teachers, and parents for steady academic growth.

Tailored Odoo-Based eLearning System
Tailored Odoo-Based eLearning System

About Project

The client began offering tutoring services in 1993 and has continuously improved them. For example, they have provided kids with tutoring, assignments, and tests based on their grades. In addition, they have always shown unflinching commitment towards enhancing students' educational journey and have attempted to make it more interactive and informative. To heighten this noble initiative even further, they contacted Brainvire to create a robust eLearning system that is accessible to students, teachers, and parents.

What we did

The Odoo team at Brainvire designed an Odoo-based eLearning system that allows students to enroll in their chosen courses through the Odoo website. We used Odoo eCommerce to develop the website where students can enroll and order their desired courses. They can also obtain access to dashboards, assignments, exam information, score reports, retake requests, and calendar management. Parents can monitor their child's progress, course curriculum, and exam information using the same site but a different account. Teachers can simultaneously create multiple accounts on the platform. Teachers can see student assignments, grade them, request retests, and access other information through their portal logins. The platform is designed so that each user may obtain the information they need, stay current with information, and have access to what they require. Backend users can manage demographic information, course settings, test papers, and other metric data.

Tech Stack

  • Clover POS
    Clover POS
  • Odoo
  • Odoo.sh
  • PostgreSQL
  • Shopify Plus
    Shopify Plus
  • Stripe
  • Twilio




Tailored eLearning System: Brainers introduced a custom-made Odoo-based eLearning system to improve learning capabilities.



We customized this system with all vital and interactive eLearning elements fit for modern students, teachers, and parents, exceeding the client's requirements. The collaboration tool allows students and teachers to refer back to their discussions, documents, and assignments for greater clarity. In addition, these details track student and instructor productivity, which can be utilized for payroll review. The sophisticated and automated invigilation solution facilitated the client's monitoring of pupils during tests. The authentication and scanning procedure assures that no unauthorized third party can access an account. This new eLearning solution that is comprehensive, user-friendly, and promotes academic brilliance astounded the client.

Client Testimonials

Jessica Bowman
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The client is a tutoring service based in the USA. Brainvire’s development professionals integrated Shopify with Odoo to manage four different platforms. This allowed them to automate order management and enabled seamless transactions.
Jessica Bowman
Operations Manager - NLC
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Brainvire Infotech Inc is developing a private school’s Odoo database. They programmed the database to automate transcript generation and invoicing. The team completed phase one and is beginning phase two.

Jessica Bowman
Operations Manager, Northridge Learning Center
2 years ago
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