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BRC, headquartered in Singapore and spanning 60 nations, leads the steel sector with top-tier quality and technical expertise. Renowned for tailored solutions, they specialize in high-caliber products like centrifugal and static casts, forged items, and sintered products.

  • Steel Manufacturer

  • Asia Pacific


BRC is a global engineering and solutions leader committed to bespoke technical and commercial excellence.


We collaborated with the steel manufacturer to boost sales effortlessly. Utilizing Odoo’s project module, we optimized operations and streamlined Sales Quotation and order confirmation workflows. Our tailored approval module and custom email templates streamlined processes. Leveraging Odoo’s open APIs, we ensured seamless external system connectivity, enhancing overall functionality and meeting project-specific requirements.

List of Services Offered

  • Tailored web solutions
  • Odoo ERP Solution
  • Engineering expertise
  • High-caliber products
  • Bespoke solutions
  • Exemplary service
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Custom Alerts Enhanced User Engagement

We enhance functionality with our custom alert prompts, ensuring heightened user engagement. Our tailored alerts boost interaction, keeping users engaged and informed. With our intuitive system, alerts are strategically placed for maximum impact, driving user engagement. Our commitment to user-centric design ensures an immersive and engaging experience.

Streamlined Operations via Workflow Excellence

With our streamlined approval processes, we enhanced operational punctuality and precision. Our tailored solutions ensured efficient and accurate operations, effectively meeting deadlines. We optimized approval cycles with simplified workflows, reducing delays and enhancing overall productivity. Our focus on precision and timeliness strengthened operational efficiency for our clients.

Professional Quotation Templates

We provided customizable templates to generate aligned and accurate quotes, reflecting our company’s visual and communication standards. By tailoring templates, we ensured precision in quoting, maintaining consistency with our brand identity. This feature streamlined the quoting process, enhancing efficiency and accuracy in client interactions.

Integrated Operational Efficiency

We streamlined communication across BRC’s tech landscape, optimizing efficiency and integration. Our solution fostered seamless connectivity, enhancing operational synergy. With tailored strategies, we facilitated cohesive interactions, ensuring smooth workflows. Our expertise strengthened BRC’s technological cohesion, elevating overall performance.

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