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Omnichannel ERP Solution for Mobile Accessory Seller

The client is a reputed mobile accessory seller providing new and exclusive cell phone accessories for top-notch mobile phone brands like Apple, Samsung Galaxy Series, Motorola, LG, and HTC. Since the establishment in 2004, it has been gathering a unique and latest collection of mobile accessories and kitchen items. It ships all the products from within the US, offering competitive prices. The client approached Brainvire to build a comprehensive retail omnichannel ERP solution, and also develop a robust E-Commerce platform.
Platform/OS Magento 2.2.6, Odoo ERP
Category E-commerce


The website was updated to a higher version of Magento, which would improve the user experience of the customers while they are navigating the site. It increased the conversion rates and reduced the loopholes related to payment. ERP solutions have simplified the task of inventory managers. They were able to organize the products more specifically and could also check the inventory stock for a particular category of item.

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