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Planet Pharmacy

The online pharmacy app delivers prescription drugs and healthcare products in a hassle-free manner. End users can interact with the AI-based support system to get recommendations on the latest products and they can also search for products using the in-built image recognition tool that is powered by Machine Learning. The admin can manage the delivery of prescription drugs at the backend level and pass on the customer data to delivery persons who will ensure that the drug reaches its consumer on time.
Platform/OS Web, Mobile
Category E-commerce, Healthcare


The app has linked over 700 pharmacies successfully and delivers over 50,000 orders on a daily basis. The image search functionality helps users shop for their products of interest quickly. With an automated mechanism to verify the physician’s prescriptions, the admin can easily process and schedule the orders for delivery. Users can place an order and get the latest order updates on their WhatsApp accounts. On the other hand, the delivery agents can fulfill the orders on time by using the exclusive mobile app.

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