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Risk Assessment Program

Arete is a USA based company that is associated with energy industry offering business technical consulting and solutions. With 30+ years of experience in serving clients with world-class technology and engineering solutions, Arete standout as one of the best result oriented consulting company.
Platform/OS Angular js, Nodejs, Express js
Category MEAN Stack
 html css js


  • Risk Assessment: Using template, user can perform risk assessment on various projects. User will be able to analyze risk on particular project.
  • Schedule Risk Analysis: SRA is a simple yet effective technique to connect the risk information of project activities to the baseline schedule, in order to provide sensitivity information of individual project activities to assess the potential impact of uncertainty on the final project duration and cost.
  • Reports & Statistics: User will be able to generate various reports such as Assessment, Project & Template analyze data using Heat map, Risk tree, Histogram, Pie chart, Bar diagram etc. and various statistics on designated dashboard.
  • Scalable to SaaS: This versatile risk management module maintains optimal performance levels to be used as SaaS- Software-as- a-Service’ in nearer future.
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