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End-to-End Sales Visibility Made Possible for a 30-year-old American Home Decor Brand Using Microsoft Power BI

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About Client

Based in Dallas, Texas, the client offers a wide selection of high-quality furniture for homes at affordable prices. They have been in business since 1990 and are the most sought-after home decor brand. Currently, they own four showrooms in the Dallas/Fort Worth area, including Plano and Garland, each with 100,000 square feet of furniture and home decor for a wide range of styles and prices. Their extensive assortment includes everything from mattresses and entertainment centers, to outdoor furniture and dining room sets.

About Product

The Power BI reports helps the client’s sales reps get better visibility into the sales funnel. They can track the company’s sales performance and improve it considerably. It gives them the capability to detect changes or aberrations in user and shopper behavior based on completed vs written sales. Brainvire has used tailored methodologies to implement the reports in the client’s NopCommerce app development. The system can perform data collection, data cleaning, and data modeling to manage data scattered across multiple systems. It shows a detailed analysis of written sales and completed sales based on a daily, weekly, and yearly basis. Furthermore, the reports show a comparison of sales based on various parameters like YOY and also depict sales done by individual sales reps.

How we did it ?


Unified Sales Management

Sales reps can get better visibility of their efforts and focus on improving the overall sales.

Identification of Key Problem Areas

The sales managers can analyze sales volume trends and distribution using different filters and identify the reason for lower sales.

Better Forecasting

By analyzing different sales-related metrics, the salespersons can be prepared to meet the future market demand of products.

Analyze Performance of Sales Team

The client can view each sales representative’s performance and total contribution to sales over time.

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