Reap the Benefits of Using WordPress with Laravel Framework

Since 2003, WordPress- the open-source CMS that's based on PHP and MySql is highly used to create blogging and other websites on the web. The platform is popular due to its intuitive interface, and it enables users to manage the website from any computer, extend the functionality hassle-free with plug-ins and a lot more!

WordPress website developers are built the website using different PHP web frameworks like- Yii, CodeIgniter, CakePHP, Symfony, and Laravel depending on the functionalities and features users require on the website.

In the last three years, from initial release to its fifth update, the Laravel framework has shown its superiority and that's why the Laravel development requirement is constantly increasing in the market. Take a glance over Laravel framework to know more about it.

Laravel is an MVC framework that provides all necessary infrastructure required for building websites, which saves a lot of developer's time that otherwise would be wasted in code design, security, configuration, templating and communication with the database. The framework enables complete customized development that can be extended by any other developer effortlessly.

How about if the Laravel framework is used with WordPress?

It can do wonders. Isn't it?

Let's identify the benefits of using WordPress with the Laravel framework for your next web development project on which you can count on.

1) Laravel is packed with the most amazing features and functionalities that intertwine many search engines and browsers to provide comprehensive views.

2) Laravel and WordPress; both are loaded with great customizable features, and when both blend, the results are phenomenal. It enables customization and improves the usability of the website.

3) Blade templating engine of Laravel is intuitive and the templates are designed with a simple webpage layout. It compiles everything, so you don't incur any overhead.

4) The latest Laravel update brings a new feature of form array validation. This feature enables easy creation of contact forms with several fields. Also, a new array of validation rules to process the data can be added individually. Every time, when form request is made, validate methods are automatically called to generate contact form along with mandatory fields.

5) Another feature Artisan Scheduler supports periodically executed tasks scheduling through a package. This simplifies the tasks that are needed to be scheduled.

For instance, when cron job is set up to call a particular code, it has to run at specific intervals and this scheduling of tasks is possible only when cron is set up. The scheduler alleviates the need to remember cron scheduling and increases efficiency.

6) WordPress is perfect for backend and Laravel for front-end. All the Laravel plug-ins are supported by WordPress, so the data fetched from the WordPress database can be easily showcased on the front-end.

What's there for you?

Integrating Laravel with WordPress will be cost-effective and time savvy for the developers and businesses due to swift development and extension ability.

Brainvire experts have rich experience of working on different PHP frameworks and building WordPress websites. Developers have hands-on experience of using the Laravel framework in WordPress development services. It enables them to offer best-in-class solutions to businesses.

Got excited? Want to build a customized and comprehensive website? Consider Laravel development for your WordPress website. To know more, feel free to contact us.

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