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Retail Listing & Lead Generation B2C App

Categories : All, Case Study, Mobile and Wireless, Retail / E-commerce

Client Requirement


The main requirement of the client was to make the retail app which was divided into two parts: one app for the sellers and another for customers. The specific requirements were:

Client required the following:

  • Customer should be able to search for the products either from the search bar or from the drop down menu from the preferred category.
  • They should select the particular seller for the product and create the lead by writing the name and clicking on submit button.
  • They can add any channels for the packages.
  • Sellers should get an email within one minute of the creating of lead by customers.
  • Sellers should be able to view the customer details in the bid and enter the price, discount to submit the bid.
  • Customers should get the bid notification email within one minute after the seller submits the bid.

Project Challenges

Team faced the following challenges::

  • It was difficult to make the responsive design compatible for multiple devices with different resolutions.
  • The implementation of push notification for Android was not so easy
  • Implementation of push notification for iOS was really tough too

Technologies Used

Operating System & Server Management iOS, Android, Windows OS, Multi-Server Architecture with Staging & Production Environment through Version Controlling releases, Server Optimization, Security & SSL Implementation, Scheduler for Back-ups, Alert Monitoring System Integration, Server Performance Tuning at regular intervals, Software Firewall Configuration & Maintenance
Development Tools & Environments PhoneGap Cordova, AJAX, Java Script, PHP5+, HTML5, CSS3 etc, AngularJS,Bootstrap, jQuery Mobile, jQuery and JavaScript, LAMP


Project Leader 1
Developers 2
Designers 2
Quality Assurance Tester 2


The planning was done taking into the consideration the customersas well as sellers. So, the team planned to develop two apps; one for customer and one for retailer. The entire process was divided into small steps.

  • The customer can search for the products from search option
  • They can select the products from the drop down menu of the product category
  • They can view the list of sellers that sell that product and select the preferred seller
  • They can enter their name and click on submit button to generate lead
  • They get the lead created successfully message and get navigated to home screen
  • Sellers get the lead notification within 1minute after creating of lead
  • Seller app gets opened automatically on clicking the notification
  • They can see the latest lead at the top of the list
  • On selecting the lead, they can view customer details.
  • All they need to do is set price and discount amount
  • Then, they can submit the bid so that customers can get mail within a minute


After considering all the requirements of client and the planning, the team has decided to go with the three tier architecture:


Development Highlights

  • The best thing about the application is the push notifications.
  • There is no wastage of time; as the customer as well as seller gets the notification for the bid and lead created respectively.
  • The applications can run smoothly on android as well as iOS devices in order to serve the large audience.
  • The customers get to buy the best products from the best sellers, with the right price.
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