Scalability with PHP – Can PHP be Scaled for Startups to Enterprise Level Project Needs?

Most of them think that PHP is not a scalable programming language and hence, is not a good choice for the development of large scale projects. But this is not entirely true. For example, consider Google’s app engine app for PHP which is available as a service offering. It is said by the company that thousands of developers create and deploy PHP applications on app engines, which handle millions of PHP queries in a week. So, it is absolutely not right to tell that PHP is not scalable.

PHP web development allows for quality, scalable and cost-effective development and hence is just the right choice for start-up firms to go for. The programming language offers the best platform for web development right from start-ups to enterprise-level projects. There is already the number of websites and web apps that are running on PHP and have the ability to handle millions of data.

So what actually do you mean by scalability? It’s the ability of a website or web application to grow with the expanding business needs of the firm. PHP is quite scalable and works well with various frameworks like Symfony, Codeigniter, Zend, CakePHP and many more. Scalability is not a matter of only a programming language. It is much more to that. Yes, one can easily scale any kind of web app built using any programming language with the cloud server technology. So, it’s not appropriate to limit your thoughts and think that PHP web development is not suitable for large scale enterprises as it is not scalable like the other web development platforms.

It is not true that PHP does not work well for the development of the websites that has more number of users. Instead, today there is the number of large scale websites and mobile app projects out there that have been built on a scalable PHP backend.

PHP web development does not cost heavily on the pocket and hence is just the right choice for startups or small organizations to go for. With PHP the costs of development can be reduced to a great extent while many efforts for maintenance can drastically be cut off.

Consider in a case where you have a small specialized project with thousands of live users for it, then PHP can handle this with a single good virtual server as well without the need for the auto-cluster solution for the purpose. However, if the reasonable cost of development is not the issue, then PHP projects can also be made to utilize the cluster solution for better development aspects.

Hence, PHP is definitely scalable and can suit various web developing needs of the businesses whether small start-ups or large scale enterprises. For those looking for best PHP web development services for their corporate needs, can hire the services of Brainvire Infotech. Brainvire is a leading PHP development company offering scalable PHP development solutions to meet the requirements of firms of all types and sizes.

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