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.Net Framework 4.0

About product

The product is a search Engine plus Toolbar Offering Goodies means rewards to its users.

Business Challenges

No search engine rewards its users. So the client asked for an innovative concept of a search engine with a chance to win prizes by a high number of hits to its search engine. The client demanded this functionality in two ways- web and toolbar. The client also wanted basic functionalities like bookmarks, access to some social media, help and so on.


Keeping client requirements in mind, Brainvire developers’ team developed a robust search engine supported by Yahoo Boss within the span of 4 months. The search engine incorporates all client requirements (mentioned above) and provides an option to download the toolbar. We created a light-weight, multi- purpose toolbar that simplified users’ search at each level and offered multiple one-click features. At the backend, the software allows performing multiple Admin activities. It offers report generation, stockpiles comprehensive user details, version control and so on.


  • Full-fledged search engine with an effective algorithm running on the backend.
  • Strong potential to compete with top search engines.
  • Allows users to log in.
  • Maintains browser history capturing details of the highest browsing user.
  • Notifies users on winning and redeeming prizes.
  • Exhibits winning timeslots.
  • Provides toolbar that allows multiple users to search without visiting the website.
  • Offers one-click access to YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, eBay. Bookmark and weather details from thetoolbar.
  • Helps in Web and Image search.
  • Allows Pop-up blocking and marking awebsite as Home Page.


  • Implementation of reward system for searching experience has dragged everybody’s attention. This system became popular within a short time because of its goodies.
  • The intelligent search algorithms have made the toolbar reliable and trustworthy amongst the user fraternity.
  • One toolbar has removed the task of opening multiple websites.
  • The detailed measures of the browsers in terms of number of hits, timeslot, browser session details and history capturing activities have empowered the client to have adetailed analysis of the performance of an application.
  • The robust architecture of the solution has ensured the security and future scalability of the application.