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MS-SQL Server 2012
.Net 4.5

About Client

Client is the India’s largest new publishing, media and entertainment group. The leader in print business has also made up its mark in various forms of media like radio, TV, magazines etc. Some of the India’s well-known establishments in media and entertainment like India's leading news channel and India’s largest FM radio network, broadsheet English daily, financial daily, Women’s magazine, English film magazine and entertainment channel are owned by the group.

Business Challenges

The client required an efficient web application which can let them generate accurate and various types of reports for analysis and various business needs. For instance, say the client wanted to check out a report showing how many reports of a particular reporter are published in a particular period of time on how many newspaper editions. The client required a web application which can fetch data from various data sources or third-party applications and based on the user requirement, it should be able to show him proper reports in attractive graphical formats. They wanted accurate reports on various needs like page release schedules, published stories, published images or infographics, news updates etc., in a more presentable formats.


Brainvire offered an accurate solution to satisfy the need of the client through a SharePoint based web application. The application collects data from different data sources or third-party applications like 4CPlus, PPI, Comyan, CCI, WFM etc., through web services, flat file, CSV file or XML and then stores it in a local SQL database. As the user requests for the information, the data is mined from the database and exactly required data is fetched to generate reports. To ensure the safety of the data, user validation is performed on the server so that data is provided only to the relevant person. The drilled down data is then presented to the user in an attractive graphical report format using tools like Highcharts, SSRS and DevExpress.


  • Integration with third-party applications via web services, CSV, flat file or XML file and collecting the data into a separate local SQL database.
  • Drilling down or filtering the fetched data to extract accurate and desired information through data mining
  • Producing the drilled down data in attractive graphical format through popular report generating tools like Highcharts, SSRS and DevExpress
  • Providing easy access to a number of user desired reports at a click
  • Data access restriction to the users based on their role and user level
  • Easy access to reports based on data entered in different sources through a single system
  • Generate reports from various data sources
  • Performing user validation or data access permissions for users based on their roles or designations through AD/LDAP
  • Centralized management of all the data


  • The detailed requirement gathering was done that helped setting up a well-designed system with all the modules integrated into it along with the control over user access.
  • Application provided upper level reports to the client like
    • Number of stories filed per reporter
    • Number of stories published per reporter
    • Speed News - number of updates sent (the total number of updates done to Speed News)
    • News updates, news comments with number of stories sent
    • Number of times views published per week/month per edition
    • Number of stories published that came from other Centers
    • Number of photos/info graphics published that came from other Centers
    • Usage of 3rd party pictures per edition
    • Usage of Agency/Wire news per section per edition
    • Advertisements vs Editorial Ratio of pages