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Web App Development
Social Networking App
.Net 2.0
MS-SQL Server 2008

About Client

The client provides a world information guide to the people who like exploring the world and various interesting stuff about it. The platform allows people from any part of the world to share local knowledge about their place or any interesting place they have been to. This is a great platform for those who like to explore, discover, create and share interesting things in the world around them.

Business Challenges

The client wanted to develop a web application that would allow people to search and post about some interesting places around them in the world. They wanted to develop a portal where all the users can create their profiles, become the members and then access, review and share travel experiences. They wanted the application to act just like a travel or world information guide for the users who can question or even answer to the other user’s questions on the website.


Brainvire team developed a feature-rich portal, which was an excellent web based solution for all the client’s requirements. It was an attractive and fully functional web application that allowed the users to create their profiles, upload photos, videos, ratings and share their experience about various travel destinations in the world. Users can also review and comment on other users’ posts as well.
Apart from posting and accessing the travel information, the application also allowed its members to answer questions related to different topics or take help from expert guides available. The application was developed with the help of easy-to- use controls and features considering the user-friendly experiences of the members in the mind. Not only posting the content, even maintaining and updating of the application was made so easy that it was possible for any ASP.NET developer to do without any problem.


  • Sign-up form to allow new users to sign-in and become members
  • Easy user profiles and passwords management for the users through a user-friendly interface
  • Allow members to become guide and share insights of a place, upload photos, text and videos of events, make new friends and share information with existing ones
  • Easy access to information about whether, anthem, map etc., about any country across the world with a click
  • Information guide feature allowing members/guides to write and post articles/blogs about their places of interest on the site and share on various social media platforms
  • Allow people to ask, share and receive insights and answers from expert guides from a single point
  • Easy view of the latest updated information or see what other users are sharing


  • Creating intuitive design with user-friendly functionalities and features that allows users to easily manage their content online
  • Easy and efficient management of a large database of users
  • Implementation of dynamic search for fetching instant information about any place or country in the world from the database