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About Client

The client is a foremost manufacturer and seller of the diamond and jewelry where the range of gems are sourced, refined, polished, designed and offered to the global audience. The company headquartered in Hong Kong is providing its services in five continents with a pool of more than 12,000 resources.

Business Challenges

The existing Desktop based B2B website display the stones and maintain a single inventory for all the stones they have. The sales staff can search and filter the products based on certain attributes from the inventory, view the product details and review the orders for further processing. This application was not efficient and takes too long time as well.
To revamp the process, the web application was engineered that process the orders in the real-time and automated the inventory updation. Additionally, the client wanted to engineer a mobile application where the B2B customer can place the bid and buy the products and do a lot more things at the fingertips.


The B2B and B2C website was designed and developed that can be accessed on a multitude of devices and across multiple platforms by the sales staff. The web app makes the stock management, sales management, supplier management and customers’ data management easier.
The mobile app was developed for both Android and iOS platform where customers can place the multiple orders at a time. The customers place the bid or requirement for the diamond, then based on the availability, the concerned staff will approve/reject the order request with notes.
When authorized person approves the deal, automatically the product moves into the order management panel. The deal is closed offline where customers and staff member can chat directly using chat functionality. Also, no transaction is done using the application.
The client can launch and manage the marketing campaigns where the deals/discounts are offered to the customers. Besides, the exhibition that company is about to organize, its details can be displayed and managed from both mobile and web application.


  • The web app handles the currency fluctuation
  • Diamond certifications are displayed
  • Inward-outward process of the diamond trading is managed
  • Customers can make the product comparison
  • Supplier inventory display through the website
  • Similar products are displayed on product detail page
  • Various notification is sent to the customers via WhatsApp, QQ messenger, SMS, email and Skype
  • Reports can be generated in the real-time and exported as excel or PDF
  • 3D view of the diamond is displayed
  • IP-based restricted access for admin users for the secured access
  • The micro websites can be created for different customers
  • Different dashboards are displayed to the different customers
  • Third party API integration
  • Customers can fetch diamond certificate from various grading agencies such as GIA, HRD and AGS
  • Real-time email scheduling related to order processing and new arrival of inventory
  • Flexibility to manage various discount and markup on each authority level based on category


  • Automated order processing
  • Inventory get updated in the real-time
  • The application can be accessed anytime, anywhere
  • Customers can access and buy the diamonds on-the- go
  • The overall sales and revenue are improved