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About Client

The client is a luxury diamond jewelry designer and the retailer that has mulled an IPO of $1.8 billion revenue. The company was founded in 2010 leveraging the experience of diamonds sourcing and trading. Presently, the company boasts of having the multiple stores across the globe, where the customers can make the diamond jewelry purchase.

Business Challenges

The world-renowned diamond studded jewelry designer and retailer was having the multiple stores across many nations, but not the online presence. Making the customers aware about the unique diamond offerings with offline business was not feasible, so the client wanted us to craft a web application.
Inside the stores, the real diamonds jewelry were not showcased to every customer. For sales staff, it was difficult to influence the customers with jewelry design on the paper and give them a feel of how the jewelry looks in real. Additionally, capturing the customers’ information was an arduous task. To improve the in-store sales, the client teamed up with Brainvire to develop a mobile app using which sales staff can easily showcase the diamond jewelry they have in the store.


The responsive web application was developed to enhance the online presence of the store offerings, and events or exhibition information that the diamond seller about to organize. Different WordPress CMS pages are created where high-quality images of the jewelry are displayed.
The mobility solution optimizes the in-store sales process. When the customers step inside the store, the sales staff can interact with the customers and showcase the jewelry to them on the mobile application.


Features For Web App
  • The web app has cross-browser compatibility
  • The user-friendly UI eases the navigation of jewelry
  • Customers can filter the jewelry by categories
  • Showcase the upcoming events and exhibition
Features For Mobile App
  • Various collection and category of jewelry are displayed
  • Filters allow the search for specific jewelry category, price range, and location
  • Customers can view the high-quality images of the jewelry
  • Every product image and its details are shown that can be emailed to the customers
  • Grading reports of every month is displayed
  • Gallery showcase the images of celebrities who wore the jewelry in the distinct events
  • The jewelry can be searched directly by product name, material code and product item code
  • Sales staff can enter the customers’ data and the interaction detail in the form
  • Salesforce / SAP integration for data gathering


  • Online visibility of the business is increased
  • The in-store selling has become efficient
  • Intelligent merchandising decisions can be taken
  • Getting customers’ feedback becomes easier
  • The digital presentation has added a premium feel to the trading