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About Client

The Australia based client is into the retail operations and has worked on several projects to ease the retail transactions leveraging cutting-edge technology to take the hassle out of the customer payments. Since 2003, the payment solutions have been provided to the businesses of varied industry verticals using which millions of dollars of transactions are done by the Australian businesses.

Business Challenges

The client has analyzed that POS solutions speed up the transactions, but the traditional POS were raising the long checkout line issue and consequently the cart abandonment. Also, when the customers wanted to pay the half payment in cash and half through a card or other payment modes, then it was not possible. To alleviate the problem, the client came up with an idea of building handheld POS using which the bar, pubs, or restaurant owners can bust the long queues and let the transaction done in a matter of seconds alongside bill splitting functionality.


The Android tablet based POS app was developed by the team that facilitates the businesses to process the order using NFC technology as the Android OS already has NFC technology integrated into it.


  • Different users and their roles are defined in the POS solution
  • Specific users are allowed to accept the payment, process the order and send the bills at the fingertips
  • The complete end-to-end encryption for secured transactions
  • Information gets updated in the real-time
  • Bills splitting is possible for different types of the situation and payment
  • Database remains synced and get updated after every transaction
  • NFC tag and POD device integration


To make the POS solution work on Bluetooth connectivity through NFC connection and the NFC reader plug-in implementation was the major challenge that our team faced, which was resolved using the best functions and creating the logics.


  • Checkout process becomes fast and easier
  • Long line gets busted
  • Enhance the customer experience
  • Cart abandonment rate is reduced
  • Total sales and revenue get uplifted
  • Going green
  • Cost and time savvy
  • Upsell is viable that increase the ticket size

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