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About Client

The client based in Palo Alto, California, is a leading scientist with the diverse technology background who conducts the research at Columbia University in the USA.

Business Challenges

The group of scientists at Columbia University has realized that in the laboratory management of the academic institutions or pharma companies involves a lot of tasks like- managing lab’s inventory, ordering the items, tracking the orders’ request, poor communication and administrative tasks that interfere with the research activities. To help the researchers focus completely on their work alongside saving the time and efforts, the client came up with an idea of creating a lab management software that helps the labs to easily manage the workflows and lab at peak efficiency.


The web application was developed for the scientists who are engaged in the life science practices and enable them to collaborate with other scientists, manage shared laboratory equipment, order supplies and archive lab results and documents.


  • Ease the colleagues or friends management in the group
  • Allow scientists to upload the inventory online, network the inventory with labmates, place orders and read the comments
  • The quantities, locations and expiration of the lab supplies can be managed centrally
  • Lab administrators can approve or track order requests in a few clicks
  • Researchers can easily request supplies and mange the samples
  • Protocols are fully integrated with reagent inventory and shared with the labmates
  • The microscopes and FACS machines shared facilities can be administered
  • Audio or visual alarms, or text message sent through timer makes the members’ experiments easier
  • Scientists can share their academic pursuits, and publications with the community
  • Scientists can communicate by sending messages to each other
  • Import tool allows the labs to import the existing inventory or order history


  • Lab management becomes easy-peasy
  • Improves the pace of scientific discovery
  • Huge bucks and time can be saved
  • The system is reliable and easy to use
  • Aid life scientists to stay organized
  • Enjoys the virtue of being used by 30,000 labs across the globe