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Web App Development
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About Client

Our USA based client runs an organization that stays at the forefront in training the adults at or below high school after assessing their basic skills to assist them function effectively in the community or on the job. The noteworthy organization’s skill tests that are approved by the worldwide government have administered millions of youths across the globe. Federal and state government agencies, colleges, businesses, training providers, correctional facilities, and technical programs use the organization’s assessments to promote higher education, and make the workforce proficient and efficient.

Business Challenges

The exemplary organization conducts the skill tests and assist the youths by organizing the workshops where professional trainers provide the training. That’s pretty good!

But, there was no system in place with which organization can get the accurate data about the workshops organized at different places.

Besides, tracking where and how many workshops are organized, which trainers are providing the training and where, and finding whether the youths have participated in the workshop was impossible. Also, no online registration was possible and sending email templates globally was taxing.

The organization wanted to optimize the process with a digital solution that allows the client to track all the workshops, workshop trainers, and participants’ details in a matter of seconds.


A web application is developed with which the client can easily define the different users, and assign them roles and restricted data access. The users would have limited access to workshops, workshop trainers, and participants’ data and can track the respective activity in a few clicks.


  • Youths can register online for the workshops
  • The registration confirmation email sent to the users contain workshop’s complete description
  • The confidential data access is password protected
  • Global email templates are sent to inform the youths about the workshop
  • Allow trainers to register online and provide training in the workshops
  • Youths can download the electronic training materials and can give online exams
  • Integrated modules ease the data access and handling


With Sitefinity Content Management System implementation, the client can easily set up the users, user roles and assign data-level access to the users alongside the client would have the complete control over all the users’ access and data.


  • The complete data can be accessed in one place
  • Handling of huge data becomes a breeze
  • Seamless control over user access
  • Tracing workshops’ detail and performance are easy