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Magento 1.9

About Client

Since 1995, the USA based client has been providing concrete construction equipment and materials, diamond products as well as tools and supplies for the construction industry. All these products are kept in the multiple warehouses from where they are shipped and delivered to the customers. Additionally, they meet the emergency needs of the construction sites by dispatching the products based on the order immediately.

Business Challenges

The company is providing a range of services alongside the selling of the myriad of construction equipment. With offline trading, enhancing the business presence across the USA and allowing the customers to purchase with a great ease was implausible. The conventional process was time-consuming and won’t enable the customers to browse and buy the products from the construction site. To take the process to a new level, the client wanted to create an Ecommerce store through which they can display the products and services globally, and let customers buy the same online.


The Magento Ecommerce store was developed where the company can display the products to sell and customers can view and buy the products with no hassle.


  • Distinct categories of the products are displayed
  • Customers can browse and shop the product of any category
  • Product page displays the product’s image and its description
  • Display the various services offered by the company on distinct CMS pages
  • Special offers/discounts are shown
  • Customers can view the brand’s name whose products are sold
  • Support GBP and USD currency
  • Customers are allowed to checkout as a guest
  • Customers can request a quote for any product
  • Customers can locate the company’s location on the map
  • Different equipment is provided for rent is displayed
  • SEO optimization to boost up the web page ranking


The client wanted us to implement a feature where no shipping charges, the customers have to pay if the order has to be delivered to a location that’s 20 miles away from the warehouse and automatically the charges will increase and displayed on the website as the location’s distance, where item have to be shipped will increase.
To incorporate the functionality, our top talent has developed and integrated an extension that calculates the latitude and longitude of the location where the order is to be shipped and based on that measure the distance between the warehouse and the location. When the distance is available, the extension automatically computes and showcase the charges depending on what the admin has already fixed.


  • The online visibility of the construction company is improved
  • Customers can easily know about the services and products that the company provides
  • Buying the products becomes handy
  • Customers can connect with the company in a few taps
  • The overall sales and revenue are increased
  • Company gets an edge in the market with digital presence