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About Client

The client is a leading manufacturer and online seller of wide range of photonic products for scientific, industrial and OEM applications for safety purpose. In photonics technology marketplace, the company stays apart because of the custom-tailored solutions that it provide to meet the customer’s need while minimizing the impact on the environment.
After extensive testing and quality control, the laser products are sold to the customers of varied industry verticals such as aerospace/aviation, astronomy, chemical engineering, communications, forensics, holography, construction and manufacturing, military/tactical, business presentation, wildlife control and laboratory applications.

Business Challenges

The client had a PHP based Ecommerce store of laser products and revenues were shooting up, but the UI was not up to the mark. Poor UI was unable to draw the attention of customers and engage them. To enable hassle-free management of products and its categories, redesign the front-end layout and make the admin panel user-friendly, the laser company wanted its website to redevelop in Magento. That’s where Brainvire’s Magento team helped them out with a bespoke Magento Ecommerce web development.


The Ecommerce store was developed in Magento with intuitive user interface and, the already developed PHP based ERP system was integrated in it. The products of different category to sell, which are displayed on Magento store were migrated from the ERP system as ERP is synced with Magento. The CMS pages elaborate the company information, laser products’ related data and other services offered by the company.


  • Customers can easily browse and order the products
  • The order processing of the new Orders posted in Magento System is done in ERP
  • Order tracking is possible
  • Showcase daily deals/offers
  • Filter the products with multiple selection
  • Customers can place an order with guest checkout and later, when they sign up with the same email, then orders get mapped to the same email id
  • Provide updated laser news
  • Social media integration
  • One-step checkout implementation
  • Payment integration
  • Customers can request a quote in product details as well as cart page
  • Cart page products’ export to the excel sheet is enabled
  • The store owner can view the archived orders that are placed long back in the ERP system


  • In subcategory product page, the client wanted us to develop a matrix wherein the combination of products changes dynamically according to the power and stability they offer. Using excellent programing skills and algorithms, the matrix was created for dynamic product changing.
  • The second challenge stood up in the integration of new feature that include emailing of the products in the cart to a customer’s friend. With cart page customization, customer is able to share the products in their cart with their friends through email.
  • In default Magento, during product filter the multiple selection of the options was not possible, but this is what the client needed to incorporate in the Ecommerce store. Using advance layer navigation integration, selection of multiple options was enabled.
  • The fourth challenge emerged in implementing the warranty calculation feature where the warranty calculation was based on the products’ price. The feature must allow the customers to select the different warranty plans before adding the products to the cart and later, enable them to upgrade the warranty plan, if required.


  • Enhanced customer experience
  • Seamless product management from the back-end
  • Dynamic matrix eases the product search
  • Cart product emailing created a distinctive proposition of the Ecommerce
  • Customers can easily track the ordered products
  • Improved Ecommerce social awareness
  • Easy checkout uplifted the sales by 10%