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About Client

The client is a leading retailer having a strong retail presence globally across 5000 locations. The company has the portfolio of big brands like- Diesel, Relic, Zodiac, WSI, Adidas original and Armani Exchange that gives it an edge in the marketplace. The variety of modern lifestyle products, be it watches, jewelry or leather goods with aesthetic designs, are sold to create transformational experiences in the world.

Business Challenges

Our client had online Ecommerce website and brick-and- mortar stores from where customers can purchase an array of products. The giant retailer has many dealer stores where the items are sold and even accepted back for the repairs, if they are under warranty period.
To manage the customers’ repair products’ data, the retailer had a SugarCRM system where the dealers manually enter the information. But, the manual entry in the SugarCRM system was time consuming and less secured as different dealers are given access to the same system.
This is the reason retailer wanted an online portal through which dealers, customers and retailer can view and manage the distinct level of information seamlessly.


Brainvire team succeeded in engineering WordPress portal impeccably where two interfaces were created for the customers/dealers and the retailer.
From customer/dealer interface, the customers are enabled to view the purchases they made, products sent for the repairs and set the contact preferences. The dealers can add the customers and customer’s product repair data, and view the product repair list based on the status that’s fetched from SugarCRM.
The retailer has access to complete details of all the users, be it customer or dealer. Providing restricted access to the dealers help the retailer in getting all the product’s repair data from various dealers in one place and of which the report can be easily generated. Also, the data is automatically get synced to SugarCRM.


  • SugarCRM custom plugin development
  • Payment integration with Razorpay plugin development
  • Retailer can enable/disable the coupons to send to the customers
  • Store chain level access to different dealers
  • Friend’s form integration for non-existing customers


  • Enable customers to browse the products under repair status
  • Dealers can efficiently manage the products for repair
  • Retailer can get the handy list of all the product’s repair info
  • Restricted access makes the system secure
  • User experience got better
  • Friend’s form improved the traffic to the store