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About Client

The USA based client owns restaurant franchises in Atlanta, Georgia and holds a Master of Business Administration from the leading university. Also, pursuing her interest towards multicultural studies, she has attended various cultural events.

Business Challenges

The social media channels and online communities like- forums, blogs, or newsgroup improve the interactions among the people of different culture, cast, and creed. But, there is no online platform where people can get the understanding of cross-cultural communities’ customs, traditions, and heritage across the globe. So, the client wanted to build an online platform where people from all over the world will come and share their cultures, ideas and interests.


The Online Community Platform was built to Promote the Thousands of Cultures that provides a space for the members who represent their culture, form the different cultural groups and interact for a meaningful cultural dialogue across geographical, cultural and ethnic boundaries. Also, it combines culture, self-expression, and entertainment that enable people to consume, create, discover and share the digital content in entirely easy and fun ways.


  • Allow the people to become a part of the community with easy form filling
  • Every member’s profile is Geo-targeted and personalized
  • The members from the same country are automatically grouped as friends
  • Members have to send the request to the members from other countries
  • Sponsor kids trip to expose the kids to international customs
  • Inform the members about events to organize to promote cross-culture
  • Various programs the portal conduct is displayed
  • People can donate to support the program
  • The members can create the blogs, share the pictures, and participate in various polls
  • The members can participate in discussion forums like- Ask the Expert and Culture Talk Show
  • Rate and review the news, images or blog shared by other friends
  • Chat with the friends by sending messages
  • Test the Culture IQ by taking and creating a fun cultural trivia game
  • Allow to shop in the Tribal Fashion Store
  • VirtueMart Store integration to enable the people to buy the product online
  • Loyalty points awarded to encourage the members to contribute


  • Help the people to discover what’s going on in the world
  • Aids the world in identifying what’s going on with you
  • Provides a unique social experience to the people
  • Foster the global culture learning
  • Increase the cultural awareness
  • Endows the opportunity to the students or kids to better understand the world cultures in a positive way