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About Client

Our client based in the USA is a great entrepreneur who has founded and successfully runs two startups. He prefers to work for the existing societal issues that are impacting the public lifestyle and strives hard to resolve them leveraging cutting-edge technology solutions.

Business Challenges

The client has observed that many people are deprived from the justice through existing legal firms because of the high cost, location, constraints or bureaucratic policies. Or, sometimes people are not happy or satisfied with the justice they got.

The client wanted to enable the low-income group people gain the equal justice at affordable rates not from legal advisory law firms, but through peer-to- peer negotiation platform where the social and commercial disputes are resolved through online mediators.

Also, the lawyers and legal professionals can provide their comments/opinions over the disputes or resolution provided.

To shape the idea into a web app reality, he turned to the Brainvire team to build an online platform where people would get the fair solution to the disputes digitally.


The responsive web application was developed that allow two parties to come together in a neutral setting and solve their problems with public opinion and mutual consents.
The solution allows the users to file claims/complaints against any business, employer, individual, landlord or service providers, and online mediators provide the apt resolution.


  • Different types of accounts can be created by the people to file the complaint
  • People can file a claim against the industries listed in the directory or by adding a new industry
  • Claims can be filed online by providing the case details
  • Intuitive UI was developed through the judicious use of AJAX, CSS and HTML controls
  • People can specify what do they want in resolution- cash, non-cash items, or a fair decision
  • Users can add other users to help and support their claim
  • Premium options enable faster claim settlement
  • Blogs inform the people about how People claim handling claims and provide services
  • Payment integration
  • Adhere to the legal compliances and laws of the consumer rights
  • User privacy is maintained and the data is kept confidential


Building a web application that can simultaneously handle large number of concurrent users seamlessly and function well was quite a task. That’s why the system is implemented under the new architecture of Model-View- Controller framework and a robust framework were used for the smooth functioning of the application.


  • Quick and easy way to resolve the claim/complaint
  • Free the people from the complications of legal processes
  • Over 50,000 consumers have used People Claim for the right justice
  • People would get a fair solution at affordable prices
  • Bespoke app doesn’t require the users to be tech savvy to file a complaint
  • The cases that are unlikely to win or small rejected by the lawyers get heard at People claim
  • Results are guaranteed in short time