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The Web Development
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About Product

The product is Facebook theme fun profile stuff. It is a web application for personalised theme creation and integration with Facebook.

Business Challenges

The client asked for a web application which can provide different inbuilt themes and also a customised theme creation feature to the user for Facebook. Through an account creation functionality, the user should be able to avail the features of the web application. The client further requireda toolbar for browsers, a user web section,a fully functional admin panel and a ‘share’ feature for other social media networks also.


With an expertise on social media platforms, the Brainvire team came with thefull-fledgedapplication of theme based integration with Facebook.The solution ‘Silent’ feature manages Toolbars, plug-ins and themes silently. With core understanding of Facebook API kit, strong graphics and JSON technology, Brainvire team came with 100+ designed theme and its Facebook integration.


User web section
    • User web section which allows theuser to change, remove, default theme and also create anowncustomised theme with Facebook account authentication.
    • Direct integration of theme with Facebook.
    • ‘Share’functionality with Twitter, MySpace, and Gaming website along with Facebook.
    • Automated theme ratings feature for recommended themes.
    • Upload feature for user’s own designed theme.
    • User’s restricted from uploading sponsored advertisement.
    • Additional toolbar for most popular browsers like IE, Firefox and chrome.
    • Sponsored Advertisements in User Web Section has been provided in different sizes of dimensions considering 200 x 200, 450 x 500, 900 x 870 etc.
Admin Panel
    • Create, edit and delete the themes.
    • Generation and upload of sponsored Advertisements on Facebook.
    • Selection of thelocation for the sponsored Advertisements on.
    • Access to reports
User Reports:
    • User Active
    • Geographical Data for Users
    • Browser OS
Plug-in Installation Reports:
  • No. of Downloads/Installations
  • No. of Daily/Weekly/Monthly access of Toolbar/FF plug-ins
  • No. of Un-installations
  • No. of installations subtracted from un-installations


  • A theme based application empowered the user with abetter look and fill with Facebook experience.
  • Own creation of theme has opened the doors for all the theme artists to use and give their expertise. By thus, the application becomes richer and richer everyday.
  • Share with social media function has widened application reach.
  • Admin panel’s handling crucial data mechanism makes it more secure and safe from the social media thieves.
  • Because of richer theme trunk and sharing with other social media, the application has fetched more advertisements. And more advertisements means more revenue generation.