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About Product

A browser toolbar which enables maximum searches with minimal clicks across multi-platforms (IE, Firefox and Chrome).

Business Challenges

Users were facing difficulty in searching because of some search engines like eBay, Amazon etc. The client required for a custom toolbar which brings all these on one platform with maximum search with minimal clicking features. The client also asked for a system for browser tracking.


In thespan of 4 months, Brainvire team presentedsolution compatible tobrowsers and window’s versions. Developers used optimized query featuresfor comprehensive research and browser options and developed a fully functional navigable browser toolbar through the judicious use of CSS and HTML for a GUI.


  • Quick searches with Facebook, Wikipedia, Amazon, eBay, and Bing.
  • Efficient searching through various searching techniques.
  • Compatible with IE, Firefox, and Chrome.
  • Sets the client toolbar automatically as the default tab on the user’s desktop for thepromotion of client’s products and services.
  • Browser activity tracking and recording on the server.
  • Automatic and manual storage and retrieval of information from different sites.
  • Appealing and easy to navigate interface.
  • Installer guide with simple steps.


  • A highly scalable application which can include new features and make amendments in existing features.
  • Important search portals on one toolbar makethe application time and energy saver.
  • Client toolbar as default toolbar resulted in an increase in ROI for the client.
  • A securedsystem made an application trustworthy and favorable.
  • Browser activity reports enable the client to assess the improvement scopes.