Top 20 Questions to Ask to Android Application Development Company

We can't deny the fact that smartphones have changed our lives and apps are going to be our future. In this tech savvy world, the number of people using apps is increasing each day, because of which the business owners have started realizing the importance of getting an app developed for their business. However, with the increasing demand of apps, the number of app development platforms is also increasing. However, Android application development is one of the fastest growing fields, these days.

Android applications are best for any and every business, as it yields you huge earnings with less cost. Also, it is ideal for advanced integration and everyone knows that it is open and free platform, ideal for all types of companies. As people have realized these benefits, there are a lot of companies who have started providing the Android application development services.

If you are planning to hire a company to get your Android application developed for your business, it is advisable for you not to get confused amidst so many options to choose from. Make sure you do not miss out the most important factors to check upon, before sealing the deal with the company. It is always a good idea to keep a set of questions ready to ask when you visit the company. It shall help you in making the wise decision.

If you are not aware of the questions that you should ask before hiring an Android application development company, you have landed up on the perfect page. So, let us take a look at some of the most important questions that you should ask to the Android developers of the companies you wish to hire...

  • Since how many years are you developing Android applications?
  • What about your qualification, skills, abilities and training?
  • How many apps have you developed till date and published in the market?
  • Which things do you consider when developing an app?
  • What is the process that you follow?
  • Which tools and technologies do you use?
  • How much time do you take in developing an app?
  • Are you available now to develop my app?
  • Can you tell me the step by step process that you will follow to develop my app?
  • In how much time can you complete it?
  • How much will you charge me for the same?
  • What will be the mode of payment?
  • When will I have to pay; before or after the project?
  • Can you give me some references, so that I can take feedback from them?
  • Do you provide any other services?
  • Is your company licensed and insured?
  • Do you test the application?
  • What about the after development support services?
  • How often you will report me the progress of the development of my app?
  • Can you tell me about your awards and achievements for android app?

One of the most important tips is that; make sure you ask these questions to not just one company, but multiple companies, so that you can compare all of them in the end to find out the best one. Good luck with that!

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