Top 6 Reasons to Prefer AngularJS Over JQuery

AngularJS - the Google owned JavaScript framework is mainly used to develop and run web applications. The framework is packed with all necessary tools which makes front-end development a breeze, and enable developers to successfully deal with the HTML, CSS and JavaScript limitations.

And, jQuery is a cross-platform java script library that enable dynamic web pages and web application creation.

All in all, both frameworks are used to create front-end development, but some consider AngularJS is superior to jQuery, while others consider jQuery.

Take a sneak peak at the reasons that enlist why AngularJS implementation is the best choice over jQuery.

1) A complete Package:

AngularJS is replete with a number of features, methods and actions like- REST actions, Dependency Injection, MVVM (Model View View-Model) patterns, Dependency Injection, in-built templating using HTML, Data Binding and built-in unit testing APIs. So, it doesn't require any external framework or plug-ins in website development.

2) Improve Productivity:

In AngularJS, built-in unit testing ease the development of unit tests as AngularJS is connected with Dependency Injection (DI) that deal with controllers and extensions. Every controller depends on DI to pass it data and angular unit test usurp DI to perform unit testing by inserting mock information into the controllers.

This way individual test pages are created that saves a lot of time and allow developers to focus more on the processes to produce robust and dependable code. Thus, developer can work more in a shorter span and the outcome will be increased.

3) Develop the Website at Speed:

AngularJS has repository of examples, tutorials and API documentation that increases the developer throughput by guiding them at different stages of development lifecycle at no cost. Additionally, AngularJS address all the limitations put forth by HTML in dynamic web app development. Both of these things make rapid website development possible.

4) MVC Pipeline:

JQuery implement MVC by splitting app into MVC components and then again string together after writing code. Instead, using AngularJS, developers are not required to write any code to string the components together or manage the components.

5) Write Less Code:

Yes, using AngularJS, you don't require to write much code because MVC pipeline is not needed to write, the view is defined using HTML, data models are simpler to write, data-binding and directives are separate from app code. Thus, website get built quickly.

6) Integration into Existing Code:

AngularJS can easily integrate with existing code and processes, and communicates between cross-platform methods and applications. Besides, when using AngularJS, the development or modification to the existing code base is minimum.


The two framework AngularJS and jQuery was created for dynamic web app front-end development and writing client side applications. AngularJS has huge advantage over jQuery when it comes to data presentation and manipulation. The aforementioned reasons are enough convincing to prefer AngularJS over jQuery. What you say? Do you find some more reasons that made developers to lean towards AngularJS? If yes, share them in comments below.

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