Virto Commerce – A Powerful ASP.NET Ecommerce Platform for Businesses

Setting up an ecommerce store for a business is not at all a difficult task in this modern age where there are number of platforms available for the ecommerce development process. These platforms offer features that can add efficiency to the online store while reducing the work of the developers, making it easy for them to get on with the development process. But, however, there doesn't seem to be a single platform that can meet every need of all kinds of businesses. Hence, businesses need to be choosy while selecting a platform for ecommerce store development.

The open source platforms are all over to provide easy set-up, customization and desired features for the businesses to establish an online store of their own. But, is this really enough? The things are changing for ecommerce stores along with changing consumer behaviors and buying patterns. For an ecommerce store to get success in the modern age, it's quite essential that it supports almost everything that can make customers happy and give them improved buying experiences. Mobile friendliness, social media integration, customer support, easy payment options and much more form the list of these customer requirements. Hence, when planning to develop ecommerce store for your business, you need to consider the present trends as well as the long term goals and choose the right technology that can well fit into present and future growth aspects of your business. In short, go for a platform that offers all the trendy features as well as scalability to accommodate your business growth easily.

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What is Virto Commerce?

One such platform for the modern age businesses is Virto Commerce, the ASP.NET based ecommerce platform that is creating buzz all around the ecommerce world right now. It is an enterprise level .NET ecommerce solution right fit for the B2B and B2C business needs. Fully available under open source license, this is a cost effective development platform based .NET 4.5 along with many other cut-edge technologies like Azure, MVC, IoC etc.

Is Virto Commerce for Start-Ups?

Virto Commerce is a suitable option for the startups willing to establish an online store to grow up faster in the market. The platform solves the crucial growth problem for the beginner set ups that usually have to migrate from free or hosted shopping cart software to a sophisticated ecommerce platform in an initial phase. The platform enables flexibility and provides easy customization features that can enable any start up business to develop an ecommerce solution exactly in the way they want. The community edition is available for this ASP.Net ecommerce platform, which is deployed on Azure cloud and hence, offers a completely cost effective solution for the start-ups to get on with their online store development process from asp net development company.

Exclusive Features of Virto Commerce

- Easy to Customize for Desired Features:

Virto commerce is an open source platform whose entire source code is available for customization of almost anything. It is completely customizable ecommerce development solution which can meet all the unique requirements of a business. For example, it supports multiple languages, multiple storefronts, catalogs etc. It allows personalization of pricing based on audience, purchase history, campaign, locations and much more.

- Highly Scalable:

This is deployed on Microsoft Azure cloud platform and hence, allows easy on-demand scalability and performance to its users. The platform supports easy enhancement or addition of features or functionalities to itself as per the changing requirements of the users.

- Competitive Platform:

Virto Commerce is based on .Net 4.5 and several widely used latest technologies like Entity Framework 6, MVC5/Razor, WCF, OData, Workflow Foundation, WPF, HTML5, AngularJS etc. Hence, it's just the right platform for the modern age businesses to get on with the competition with modern age ecommerce solution with latest features. It supports powerful enterprise-class features and gives the user power to create out-of-the-box ecommerce solution using the Agile principles.

- Highly Flexible:

The ASP.NET based ecommerce platform is literally a framework and not a rigid platform like others. Hence, it makes it easy for the developers to develop and integrate new features to an existing ecommerce solution. It supports non-monolithic and a flexible architecture where every instance or part of it can replaced with another or changed as per requirement.

- Easy Management:

Virto Commerce helps businesses to grow and easily manage their crucial activities like catalog management, multiple online stores management, order management, properties management, inventory management and much more. Managing online business becomes really easy with these features at help.

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