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Website Migration from Magento 1 to Magento 2 For Warehouse 115

Utah, USA 18th July 2018

US' popular wholesale supply store Warehouse 115 has contacted Brainvire yet another time for its prestigious Magento 2 migration project. Brainvire will migrate all-inclusive features of the website from Magento 1 to Magento 2.2.4 version.

Warehouse 115 has a massive distribution and supply channel system spread across the globe. After entering into eCommerce world, Brainvire helped Warehouse 115 by strengthening its shipping system and by broadening the business reach via apt digital marketing services. Impressed by Brainvire's services, Warehouse 115 partnered with Brainvire yet another time for its Magento 2 migration project.

Higher security, scalability, speed, and performance are the factors, Magento ecommerce development is gaining remarkable response in the ecommerce arena.

Mr. Chintan Shah, CEO, Brainvire says, "Brainvire has an advantage of a familiar architecture of Warehouse 115 and hands-on expertise in Magento 2 migration. For various companies in different industry verticals, Brainvire has successfully migrated their ecommerce stores from Magento 1 to Magento 2. Since Magento is ending its support for Magento 1, it's important to switch to Magento 2 before competition plays its role."

Migration Will Involve Many Checks Since Warehouse 115 Is Heavily Loaded Ecommerce Store

A huge product data, inventory, transaction and internal presence has made Warehouse 115 a heavy website. Brainvire team has already analyzed the kind of complexities that may arise in between and is ready with a detailed checklist to ensure successful migration.

The database is quite large; right from orders, customer data, product data, invoice, shipment details, will be migrated by our database experts without any single failure. Along with these, a migration of crucial data related to newsletter subscribers and product data with detailed category attributes will be entirely orchestrated. Also, payment gateway integrations such as Stripe and PayPal will be revised with updated technicalities.

The project will include the dropship vendor functionality. There isn't a single vendor registered with the system. There are many and the list is growing. Each vendor comes with different shipping and calculation methods. All the logic will be resynchronized to make the website robust for drop shipping.

The Migration Isn't an Only Task, Some Newbies Will Be Added On the Block

Technical upgradation is one part. The client has asked to implement trending features to upsurge the website in the fierce competition. The customer engagement is the pivotal element for an ecommerce website. Having sensed an urgency to improve the website UI, Brainvire team will design and implement the new theme for the client website.

Today's ecommerce development is designed around personalized experience. The more you save visitor's time, the more likely chances of customer making a purchase. An advanced navigation mechanism for the product filtering will be introduced to leverage a personalized experience to the user. Also, an email reminder system for the abandoned cart will be incorporated to make the customer return to the cart.

Precise migration, new features, and a completely renowned UI will bring the digital transformation the client followed by hiked sales revenues.

About Brainvire

Brainvire is a leading IT solution provider company with 17+ years of wide span. Recently, a leading B2B research company Clutch awarded Brainvire as a Top Ecommerce Developer along with few more accolades. Brainvire expertise includes Marketplace Development, eCommerce development, CRM,Android App Development, iOS App Development, Cross-Platform App Development, Cloud Services and much more.

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