Here’s Why Diamond Industry Needs Mean Stack for App Development

Today, technology up-gradation has changed the entire scenario. Along with helping humans to accomplish the task in a smooth manner, it has spread its reach in almost every business and industry. Alike other sectors, a gradual impact has also been noticed in the diamond industry. If we talk about the mid-1970's, manual work was in effect. Usage of machinery and technology was rare in this industry. But with the passing time and increasing technology, the industry became tech savvy to adapt the latest technology that helps them streamline work and improve productivity to a greater extent.

Well, there are many technologies and open source CMS like Drupal, Joomla, Wordpress, that can be utilized in the industry. If we take a review, Mean Stack is one such technology that streamlines management of diamond inventory. Earlier, LAMP (Linux, Apache, MySQL, PHP) were highly implemented in systems but an introduction to Mongo DB, Experess.js, AngularJS & Node.js evolving together as MEAN is performing far better than LAMP. But why so? The answer is very simple: The structure, swiftness, and simplicity of technology make the task easy and smooth.

The inclusion of 4 power packed technologies bundled together helps business to develop a robust and scalable system. It also helps you to manage the entire ecosystem of your business in an easy manner. So, if your business is not aware of the offerings of MEAN to build a feature-rich application, this blog is for you. Let's deep dive and find out how technology and software backed by MEAN can help the diamond industry to get ahead in the market.

1. Rapid Search Results:

MEAN consist of schema-less No SQL database - Mongo DB where data is stored in binary JSON format that helps in the swift processing of results. Jewellery/Diamond software powered by MEAN allows you to perform an advanced search in your jewellery inventory through an array of options like metal type, diamond type, stone quality and much more and let you grab the search results within 2 seconds.

2. Interactive and Smooth User Interface:

In such competitive era, interactive UI and performance optimization is the need of an hour. Our proficient Mean stack developers implement the perfect blend of AngularJs and Node.js to build interactive and scalable solutions, giving best experiences to users.

3. Easy Inventory Tracking:

Integrating your existing system with Mean stack will allow you to provide the specification of your product into numerous searchable fields. This end-to-end solution will allow you to manage products in a convenient manner while Mongo DB leveraging you with the facility to categorize the products into a multi-level tree structure.

4. Ensures Security:

As the application is developed by 4 power packed technologies, access rights are given as per the user roles and profiles which ultimately ensures the security of the entire application.

5. Faster Speed and Usability:

As the non-blocking architecture of node.js makes it faster and scalable, it helps the diamond industry to curate operations in swift and easy manner.

6. Cross-Browser Compatibility:

"Writing code once and run everywhere" - This is something that makes Mean stack stand out amongst the crowd. Whether its sales processing, product management or customer maintenance, you can manage all your retail business aspects from your smartphone device or tablet.

7. Multi-Currency and Multilanguage Support:

The solution developed with Mean stack allow business to choose to multiple languages and currency format to showcase price of diamonds. The product description and its price offered in the selected language and currency deliver seamless purchasing experience to visitors.

With such simple features, easy integration and robust security Mean Stack is expected to conquer the diamond industry soon. The applications developed by Mean Stack is highly secure and scalable. Let's watch out how Mean stack drives the future of the diamond industry.

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