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Why To Upgrade Your App To Joomla Latest Version 3.5?

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Joomla- the excellent CMS’ ease of use and extensibility enable feature rich web app development and management. The open source software that owns scalable MVC architecture boasts to have more than 3% share of web running on internet and over 9% of CMS market share.

Engineering a fully-fledge website is easy with Joomla as it’s easy to learn and backed by huge community where the millions of active developers could help. The Joomla professionals not alone help in development, but assist in maintaining and marketing Joomla projects as well.

Why To Upgrade Your App To Joomla Latest Version 3.5

The software that has powered some of the leading organization’s websites is multilingual in nature supporting over 64 languages, which helps in extending the reach to a larger audience. Furthermore, its more than 8000 extensions broaden the website functionality with a great ease.

When it comes to keep up with market, there also it stands at first. Often, the newer version of Joomla are released wherein external libraries, plugins and extensions are included to ensure the scalable and secured development. Plus, the version update is simple to install just with a single click.

To help businesses achieve more, Joomla released 3.5, which is loaded with more features to do something outstanding.

Take a glance at the reasons that thrust upon upgrading the app to the latest Joomla 3.5:

1) PHP 7 Support Available:

PHP 7 version rolled out last year was supported by almost every platform to improve the website performance, better memory consumption and allowing to serve more users simultaneously without needing any additional infrastructure. With latest Joomla 3.5, the support to PHP 7 is enabled.

2) Update Notifications via Email:

With this upgrade, from now onwards every time when a new version will be released, all the users will be notified or reminded about the latest update through an email to make the update.

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3) System Information Export:

A few websites are facing some problems, to resolve them developers need the system information to be exported. The release enable developers to download the website’s system and get the important information out of it.

4) Drag & Drop Images:

This is the next big feature added to Joomla that made inclusion of images into the content damn easy. With Joomla 3.5, users just need to grab the image that they want to add and can easily include in the article anywhere by dragging and dropping, which is then automatically uploaded to the server.

5) Anonymised System Data:

To better understand which version the users support or use more, the leading platforms collect the anonymous data from their users. To accomplish the same, Joomla 3.5 has the plugin that collect the same data about Joomla version, PHP version and the database type and version. To avoid duplicate entries, a unique id of the website is considered, thus accurate statistics will be gained.

6) Insert Modules in the Articles:

Module addition was already available in the previous release of the Joomla, but for the novice players having no familiarity with syntax was a hard nut to crack. In Joomla 3.5, a new button- ‘Module’ is added to the toolbar with which during content editing, a list of modules can be viewed and after selecting any module, the correct syntax would be automatically included.

7) Mobile Ready:

This is really awesome! By taking giant leap in mobile landscape, Joomla provides fully responsive site template, fully responsive admin UI and fully responsive core output. Now, every website with Joomla 3.5 would have mobile friendly content not just for the visitors, but provides mobile friendly tools for administrator as well.

8) User Friendly:

The adoption of responsive bootstrap framework enable bespoke app development that’s completely responsive. Alongside the front end, the entire back-end is also evolved by giving a complete new feel and look, which ultimately pumped up the workflow using any digital device.

9) Developer Tools:

It seems a lot of tools are provided to reduce the burden over developers. The user interface of Joomla for back-end and front-end is great where components can be built without using CSS. The less coding is required due to the presence of jQuery and a range of icons could be obtained through Icomoon font icon library.

10) Two Factor Authentication:

Last but not least, making the website more secured with double authentication feature. Along with user id and password, a single-use code send to the mobile phone can also be added to provide higher level of security to the website.

The benefits of upgrading the Joomla are truly overwhelming that one can’t resist to leverage. The latest release has power up the Joomla web development and Joomla customization services that our Joomla team is providing to the users. What do you think about Joomla Customization, Upgrade & Migration? Do you also want to hop on this Joomla upgrade journey? Tell us in the comments below.

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