Think Beyond Search And Scale Your Business With Magento Solr Integration

Of course, Magento eCommerce developers bring a whole host of benefits for online retailers. However, enhancing or accelerating the search on an eCommerce site has always been a pain point for the online store owners, specifically if you have a Magento eCommerce website or online store having quite a huge catalog or with a huge collection of data that a user can browse through.

Of course, we didn't mean that the search system of Magento is not fruitful or not good enough, it is quite good. It effectively utilizes MySQL's strongest aspects, and with a few or more effort you can easily get quite a decent and satisfied performance for larger data collection or data sets. However, it is also a fact that you will have to input a lot of efforts in caching and tuning tricks to achieve high performance, but you can achieve or manage such results for only a limited period of time.

What if your site becomes more popular and you don't have any other weapon than MySQL? It becomes quite difficult for you to manage the performance aspects with improved search. Here comes Apache Solr to rescue you!

What is Apache Solr?

Solr is one of the most popular and powerful open source enterprise search platforms from the Apache Lucene project. Powerful full-text search, hit highlighting, faceted search, real time indexing, dynamic clustering, database integration, ease of dealing with rich documents like Word, geospatial search and more are a few of its out-of-the-box features.

It is quite reliable, scalable and fault tolerant while bringing distributed indexing, replication, load-balanced querying and more. It boasts the search and navigation features for many of world's giant websites. It is a separate application, which is installed on its own server, or an existing server in the environment depending on business needs & deeds.

Apache Solr uses schema configuration files which can be easily found in Magento/lib/Apache. Moreover, Magento communicates with the Solr through HTTP/XML and searching options can be easily configured through the Magento admin panel.

How Magento Solr Integration Can Help Businesses?

In today's fiercely competitive market, only a better search experience for shoppers can help store owners or online store retailers to improve the conversion rate and customer satisfaction. Solr's out-of-the-box features flawlessly blended with Magento's features-rich and compelling merchandize capabilities.

Through Magento Solr Integration, you can leverage from the following benefits:

  • Solr's search capabilities provide a better site experience than MySQL LIKE or Full-text
  • Solr is more than a search platform; it is a key for scalability and growth
  • Solr's data import handler keeps Solr performing well as your catalog grows
  • Solr replication helps accommodate growing traffic
  • Solr shards help keep indexing execution time and search response times low for very large
  • catalogs
  • Listening to the MySQL bin log can help facilitate a continuously updating catalog

Apart from all these, you can also leverage from replication with Solr in order to improve the performance of your eCommerce shopping cart on the go.

For Magento eCommerce development allows you to create unique strategies in order leverage from unique promotions, effective boosting techniques and its flexible and capable linguistics libraries. The online store owners can easily get benefited from their customers and inventory information to guide their customers to more profitable and relevant results. Moreover, you can easily hide or display products within your search results based on the promotions while blending your entire strategy together through a flexible solution that will help you grow your business online.

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