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About Client

The Spain-based client is one of the leading digital wallet service providers. It’s a point of meeting between people, shops, and entities, all looking for solutions and advantages for the future purpose. User can sell products/register the industry/register institution. One can search for travel (flights/rent cars/hotels/cruises) and order/pickup (food system). All in all, it’s a complete all in one platform where one can find basic services that we seek on internet.The client is a global marketplace which introduces innovative solutions to companies and people, allowing them to connect me for free.

Business Challenges

The client came up with idea of developing a marketplace and providing a complete solutions. With existing system they were facing issues like translation of their website in multiple languages. They wanted to be able to help their customers whenever they’re in trouble and to establish a strong in their American and European market. They wanted to migrate existing system to a newer system, an R&D was required for existing modules and functionalities of the system, and it needed API development and integration. The algorithm for payment deduction was complex and bifurcation of payment from the various types of COMS and the user’s credit card was difficult.


As per the demand of our client, Brainvire’s team of developer came up with a mobile and web-based application for the service. We assisted our client in collaborating their various initiatives and making it into a one stronger force. The customers can easily browse and locate the shop available as nearest as possible.The application is a multilevel marketing chain with up to 12 levels. Basically, it’s a referral program. The loyalty programs offers allowed exclusive discounts for customers. Functionalities like SOS offers the clients to seek help whenever they’re in trouble like contacting embassy while on a foreign trip.


  • Mobile POS
  • Virtual card for payment
  • SoS
  • SSO-single sign on functionality
  • Chat between customer and vendor
  • automatic Currency detection based on user’s location
  • Multi language implementation
  • Cashback and referral
  • Member based discounts and price on products
  • Send invites to multiple users and earn commission
  • Convert/Transfer coms to the bank and convert coms to currency
  • Affiliated offers
  • Loyalty programs
  • Online ordering system (Pickup/Delivery)
  • Travel Section books flights/rent cars/hotels/cruises


The implementation of web and mobile app for the service made it easier for vendors, customers, and clients. At the end, our client received a redesigned system where all the involved parties can derive benefit

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