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About Client

The client is the America’s top-grade reliable medical alert system provider. The alert system helps the people to get connected with their family, friends, and neighbors 24/7 in case of any emergency through emergency operators just by pushing a button. Also, if needed the local 911 emergency services can be called.

Since 1946, the company has been serving the people to better take care of the health, safety and independence of the people.

Business Challenges

The medical emergency is something that’s unstoppable and it is not in our hands; it just happens! Understanding this thing, the client has started selling the medical alert system.With the existing alert system, when customers register, some details are provided like the lockbox, whom to contact during emergency and pretty more, and they cannot be edited by them later. Also, informing the users about any emergency was a difficult job to get done.

So the client wanted to complement the existing medical alert service with a mobile application, which enable users to have access to all the information they have provided at first and can manage it with a great ease.


The intuitive mobile application was developed for the medical alert system users that allow users to easily manage the information they have provided, immediately transfer the users’ medical information to emergency personnel and send the emergency alerts to the customers.


  • Users can easily update the profile
  • Manage Emergency contact List
  • Update the Lockbox location
  • Emergency alerts are sent via emails and SMS
  • Emergency personnel can easily access the Vial of Life
  • Stats display how many times the button was pushed
  • Instant alerts are sent if the batteries in the medical alert system are about to die
  • Company has access to all the reports showcasing the app usage


Updating the emergency contact list in real-time was a challenging task as the sorting and sequencing of the contacts is managed from the mobile app only. Using best logic and algorithms, the team enabled the automated rearrangement of the contacts’ orders, when any new contact is added, or existing contact is edited or deleted.


  • Add flexibility to use the system
  • Easy access to vial of life help in providing immediate treatment
  • Stats help in analyzing the health status
  • Emergency notifications aid in saving precious lives

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