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About Client

The client is a creator of the world’s finest and flawless diamonds, having expertise in manufacturing exclusive solitaires and gem quality diamonds across a wide range of parameters like carats, clarities, size, shape and colors.
Being a prominent wholesale diamonds supplier, the company sources out the finest quality raw diamonds in round and various fancy shapes to the diamond merchants. The diamonds are cut and polished with sheer optical symmetry and brilliance, and are certified by GIA, Gemological Institute of America. The company also has its own diamond grading/certification process that can rate diamonds for excellence in cut, polish and symmetry.

Business Challenges

The client is a pioneer of online diamond solitaires market who initially started up the concept of selling diamonds through an eCommerce portal. In 1997, when no other diamond supplier could even think of selling diamonds online, they already had an eCommerce portal that allowed their customers to buy diamonds online.
Now, as the world is experiencing the mobile shift, the client also wanted to go mobile with a feature-rich mobile application that can allow the buyers to search, bid and buy diamonds right from their mobile devices.
They wanted to enhance the reach of their finest quality diamonds across the globe and hence, decided to bank on a mobile application, which can work best on various mobile devices and can be easily accessed by the maximum number of people and diamond merchants.


A fully-functional and feature-rich mobile application was developed by the stupendous team of mobile app developers of Brainvire. The mobile application was built with a native user interface supporting both Android and iOS platforms, and for ease of access on different mobile devices including smartphones, iPads or tablets.


  • Search module allows users to search for diamonds with multiple filters like basic and advanced search filters, smart search, search in PDS, L&B, Pair and other categories like search by lab, packet, certificate and memo number
  • Diamonds listing is displayed based on the parameters specified by the customers for search
  • Restricting customers to only bid and not to buy the newly arrived diamonds within first 24 hours
  • Preferred Diamond Selection (PDS) auction allows customers to place single and sealed bids on newly arrived diamonds or existing diamonds with new offerings
  • Look and bid auction allows customers to see and then bid for the diamonds online. Here the customers who want to have a look at the diamonds before purchasing, can place an online request and book a time slot for in-house diamond view and can actually get to see the diamond by visiting the client’s office at that time. Then, they can place the bid online for buying the diamonds.
  • Everyday inventory updates to let customers learn about the newly arrived diamonds and help the staff to efficiently manage their stock
  • Allow customers to bid and buy diamonds for match pair jewelry like diamonds for ear rings, cufflinks etc.
  • Sorting out the left over diamonds from PDS, L&B and general inventory sections to offer them to the customers at the best price
  • Voice based search to find diamonds based on specific parameters like shape, size (carat), clarity and color.
  • Displaying multiple images and angular views of the diamonds for better and clearer interpretation of the diamonds


  • Implementing efficient voice recognition to search diamonds efficiently based on customer criteria
  • Implementing fingerprint scan feature to enable customers log into the application without the need to enter any credentials
  • Successful integration of database with web services
  • Ensuring the best performance of the application in spite of its huge size and requirement for handling number of products and categories
  • Sorting the search results based on customer-specific parameters like shape, color, size etc.