The client is like a living legend in the USA’s diamond manufacturing and business industry. People have trusted him for 18 years because of the super ideal cut hearts and arrows diamonds provided so far. His business holds the dominance in providing sparkling and scintillating diamond rings, bracelets, earrings, bands, necklaces and more. Bloomed both the ways, from brick & mortar store to an online store, the company is expanding its wings by leveraging personalized diamond experience to the patrons. To build a large distribution network of physical stores, the client knocked Brainvire doors to develop an iPad application where end customer can walk in the store and view all the client offerings.

Project Highlights

Across the USA, the client has quite a good number of jewelry stores owned by various distributors. Now, every distributor can’t afford to hold all the designs offered by the client. So Brainvire developed an AR-based Enterprise-Jewelry-iPad application for distributors to provide real-time access to the product catalog, multiple product views, diamond comparison, text engraving on rings and customer information storage for promotion purpose. The customer can browse all the available products without actually walking through the store An elegant and sparkling showcase of all the jewelry products available with high definition and impressive images. Both the customer and staff time is tremendously saved resulting in a huge satisfaction and stress-free shopping. An extensive search mechanism with filters like price, size, metal type, stones, pave and side stones. Diamond comparison by different sizes, colors, clarity, price, and shapes like signature, round, princess emerald etc The Augmented Reality based application enables the buyers to try on different ornaments without actually wearing it. The text engraving functionality is also embedded in an application to visualize the text engraving on the ring. An efficient customer information management to send order updates and promotional offers.

The Challenges

  • Syncing with back-end to retrieve all the information
    When the customer clicks on a jewelry piece, the application should display all the details pertaining to that jewelry piece. Plus, if a particular item is out of the stock, it should reflect the same thing in the application to avoid chaos.
  • Storage of customer interactions for CRM
    To target the customers again with the promotional offers, the storage of customer interactions was an essential requirement. The client asked to store the customer interactions so that digging out of the customer preference and customer contact details won’t be a tiresome task.
  • Crafting module which helps to make a purchase decision
    The client asked the module which helps the customer to make a purchase decision. In order to allure the customer, the client asked for the virtual-trial functionality to help customers try different ornaments without actually wearing it
  • Complex search criteria
    The application required an extensive search functionality that covers all the significant search criteria. The criteria include jewelry category, price, size, metal type etc. Plus, the client asked the search functionality that allows the customer to compare different diamonds as per the type, clarity, price, size, and colors.

Tech Stack

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    Apple AR

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  • Improved Distributor Relationships

    Because an iPad app saved distributors from frequent jewelry purchase and transports.
  • 59% Increase In Customer Engagement

    Availability of all the products, its in-depth details, and virtual trial increased the customer engagement significantly.
  • Higher conversion To Orders

    Delighted by the attractive showcase and virtual trials, the more potential buyers converted into actual buyers.
  • An Ease In Customer Follow-ups

    The automated customer information management resulted in an ease to inform and notify the customers.
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Client Review

Nishchai Nevrekar

Nishchai Nevrekar

Manager - Nirav Modi

Their design team is top-notch and ahead of the curve; they understand the customer behaviour. Crafted amazing digital solution which helped to convert the vision, and achieve what we were looking to. Kudos to the team.

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