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2M+ People Stay Safe While Travelling to Unknown Places, Thanks to Brainvire’s Advanced Mobile App

Brainvire - Mobile app for travel

About Client

Based in Germany, the client is a serial entrepreneur who has made a difference in the lives of millions of people worldwide. Their innovations solve the day-to-day pain points of humans. They saw the insecurities people face when traveling to unknown places and consulted Brainvire to find a way out. Brainvire’s experts brought an exclusive app to life to make the client’s vision a reality.

About Product

The mobile app is not a conventional location tracking app but can do much more. Users can tap on the emergency button (just like Uber) when in extreme danger. This alerts the user’s emergency contacts who can then share the data further with the security code. The app provides users with a set of 12 unique passwords to relay emergency information, which prevents the misuse of stored information in case the user’s smartphone is lost. Users can update their whereabouts on the app multiple times a day. If they don’t respond to the after the predefined number of alerts, their location will be instantly shared with all emergency contacts stored in the app. It allows users to upload minute details such as whom they are going to meet, time and place of meeting, and much more.

How we did it ?


50k+ Updates Relayed to Emergency Contacts

The app has struck the right chord amongst its target audience on both the Google Play Store and the App Store.

6M+ Events Handled Everyday

The app handles users’ meetings and other events and this data’s privacy is protected at all times.

4M+ Cab Details Noted

Users can easily upload the details of Uber and other cab services in the app, including the route taken to reach the destination. The route’s snapshots are stored in the system for easy reference.

Exceptional Data Security

Only intended users can access the required information and execute the given task because the entire system is governed by defined permission levels.

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