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Beginners Guide For Magento eCommerce Development

Categories : Article, Magento Development

Magento – when we heard this name, then only thing that comes in our mind is highly attractive and engaging eCommerce website or online store with tons of user-friendly features. Everyone interested in the eCommerce business is aware about Magento. Also, they are aware about the complexities associated with the Magento development. This is the reason why most of the businesses or retailers prefer to hire Magento developers.


Since Magento is one of the most powerful and scalable shopping cart solutions, it needs a deep level of expertise in order to create or even make some minor changes within the Magento eCommerce website. Being a developer, it is your responsibility to get up to date solutions for the various issues raised during the development of a Magento website.

However, you can find plenty of solutions for your problems over the internet, but not all of them actually works for you. Therefore, it is crucial for you to follow some basic guidelines whenever you develop any Magento website or application. In this article, we’re going to unveil a few of the most important guidelines for the Magento developers that will help them get rid of critical issues later on.

Avoid using app/code/local/Mage to override the core files

It is always better to avoid using app/code/local/Mage to override the core files, instead you should try to create your own extension to change, add or modify the core logic. It will help you get rid of the errors upon further store upgrades or other third party extension’s conflicts.

Never try to override anything while creating an eCommerce website

Try to use event-listeners, helpers, or extend the core classes to create your own as it will help you overcome the issue of extension conflicts. Moreover, there is no reason to override .phtml files or block’s logic. So, it is always better to avoid overriding anything.

Document your own code

Being a good programmer, it is always a good practice to use PHPDoc in your projects. If you will ever face the issues and finding out the solution, it will be quite easier for you or even some other developers to explore the documented code. It would be easy for the other programmers to find the solution on the go.

Utilize Generic CSS classes whenever possible

You will find plenty of CSS classes available to you, which are defined in the Magento default installation and if you’re about to create store template from scratch, it is advisable to use those classnames in your new template. It is a great option as there are plenty of third party extensions that use those classnames for design integration.

Utilize cache for your own blocks

You can easily use the cache system exclusively for your custom blocks. It will greatly improve your extension performance. However, you may have to use some kind of code for it.

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