10 New features of Odoo 15 that will entice you to upgrade

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New features of Odoo 15 that will entice you to upgrade

Based on Odoo’s previous year’s standard and plan, a new version has been released every year since 2014, and this trend is anticipated to continue in the future.

Every new version that Odoo launched to date has included powerful capabilities, new modules, the latest integrations with third-party software and solutions, and excellent usability enhancements.

New features of Odoo 15 that will entice you to upgrade

The previous version- Odoo 14, is the top model in the market of the software. However, the Odoo 14 is considered the most advanced and fastest Odoo ever developed and is well-paced with features that are way advanced than its competitors in business management. Moreover, the Odoo 14 was released last year during the Odoo experience meet, conducted virtually due to the ongoing CoronaVirus pandemic. 

Then, what distinguishes Odoo 15 from the other versions and makes its adoption a must?   

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The Odoo 15 will be launched at the end of 2021 at the Odoo experience meet. The Odoo 15 will, as predicted, be far more advanced than the Odoo 14 that is currently accessible to you and will be jam-packed with tools to help you manage your business more efficiently and reliably around the world.

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Read over to learn about Odoo 15’s broad feature set and what makes it so appealing that people should migrate to it.

What are the expected features of Odoo 15? 

1. What are the expected features of Odoo 15? 

In Odoo 15, a new Import Screen has been implemented to enhance the Odoo experience. This New Import Screen contains a new option to manage cash rounding, currency conversion rates, and other items, making it easier to issue invoices in the accounting section.

You’ll find a distinct cash rounding section in the management feature, so you can use the previously defined rounding methods for customer invoices and apply them to new ones.

You can select cash rounding methods from here – 

New features of Odoo 15 that will entice you to upgrade
Source- cybrosys.com

2. Edit and adjust Pivot Views and Graph Views

The suite will be launched with some updates in Graph & Pivot Views with the introduction of Odoo 15. It will allow you to edit and adjust graphs in the studio.

If you can simply update graph views in Odoo Studio, you’ll be able to improve data representation while also gaining valuable insights. The best thing is that with customizations in hand, you can simply compare different values.

Learn more about this feature by watching this video 

3. Powerful Purchase Management

A Purchase Management tool is another useful feature in Odoo 15. Purchase >> Reporting >> Dashboard is how it works. The Purchase Dashboard in Odoo 15 delivers a genuine and appealing view of the dashboard, which includes all of the purchase graphs and statistics. This sophisticated dashboard provides sufficient information about the taxable and untaxed totals. To use this function, go to the reporting tab on the Odoo 15 dashboard and click on it.

4. eCommerce Page Redesigning

Odoo’s eCommerce page is expected to have a new appearance with a thorough product description, simplified add-to-cart possibilities, and several payment modules, among other things.

Businesses would also be able to publish thorough descriptions of their products, allowing users to understand the product better. Users will be able to make informed purchasing selections as a result of this.

New features of Odoo 15 that will entice you to upgrade

5. Project Burndown Chart

This fantastic Odoo 15 feature is located in the reporting menu, making it very accessible. This feature aids managers in comprehending a project’s % completed and outstanding work. It streamlines the process and ensures that everyone is on the same page.

6. New Inventory Adjustment View

This is one of the most effective of the Odoo 15 new features. Businesses can simply check inventory details with this functionality, which includes additional elements such as history and differences.

The History feature allows you to see the timestamp of various products, such as their purchase, sales, and so on, giving you a complete picture of what’s going on.

The Difference tool, on the other hand, allows you to determine the amount of stock left in your inventory based on the profit or loss of your sales.

New features of Odoo 15 that will entice you to upgrade

7. OWL Sheet 2.0 Availability 

Microsoft Excel integration is also expected in Odoo 15, which is a much-needed functionality. Businesses would be able to build and enter data directly into Excel to do essential computations with this interface. There’s no need to import or export CSV files, and there’s no need to worry about data duplication.

8. New HTML Editor

Odoo 15 will include a new HTML editor that is comparable to text editors but works with HTML codes, which many developers use to increase productivity, making this new HTML editor more appealing.

New features of Odoo 15 that will entice you to upgrade

9. Coupon and Promotion Program In POS 

Previously, the Coupon and Promotion program was only for sales and eCommerce websites; however, with Odoo 15, every coupon made with the Coupon and Promotion Program may be utilized for sales, eCommerce websites, and POS.

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Enable Coupons and Promotions will be found in the POS options, and you will have the option to generate Coupons and Promotions for later usage under the product menu. The cashier can use the Enter Code button on the POS order to apply the Coupons for Point of Sale Order, which will appear on the customer’s invoice.

New features of Odoo 15 that will entice you to upgrade

10. Cover Image for Project Tasks

Odoo 15 features this capability where you can set a cover image for the jobs in the kanban view for easy identification. This will aid end-users in quickly identifying tasks.

New features of Odoo 15 that will entice you to upgrade

Bottom Line 

Odoo is expanding its expertise in a number of areas, making numerous adjustments and improvements, and establishing itself as the finest choice among entrepreneurs year after year. I’m hoping for a few more Odoo releases to improve the ERP software and eliminate even the most minor flaws.

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