ASP.NET Development – Frutiful Reasons To Hire A Dedicated .NET Developer

Very rare platforms draw the same amount of popularity and craze as ASP.NET from the development community. No doubt that.NET platform has faced a lot of criticism from the technology experts across the world, but still, organizations are approaching to hire.NET developer to accomplish their business-driven applications.


Multiple language support, robust file structure, plenty of class libraries etc. are a few of the most common reasons why every upcoming developer wishes to dive into ASP.NET to gain a successful career. Here’re some fruitful reasons that definitely make sense to become and hire an.NET programmer.

ASP.NET has multiple language support

There is no doubt that when writing a code, developers choose any one language like C# or VB.NET but ultimately all code had to get compiled into MSIL. This is because IL is the only language that the CLR understands. If you have ever compiled C# code and look at its IL code, you will see that is same for the VB.NET code.

This can be achieved using CLS (Common Language Specification) which defines the laws that all languages using the CLR must follow. The CLS enables developers to work within a common set of specifications for compilers, languages and data types.


Whenever you hire.NET developer, he/she will write managed code, a code which runs within the CLR so the whole of.NET is referred to as “Managed Code”. ASP.NET also runs inside the runtime environment of the CLR. This brings tonnes of benefits for the developers.

ASP.NET Is Object-Oriented

Whenever a developer writes code for ASP.NET, he or she will have full access to all the objects within.Net framework. Moreover, they can exploit full object oriented programming conventions on the go. This shows that ASP.NET is truly an Object Oriented language.

ASP.NET applications are easy to configure and deploy

Deploying an ASP.NET application is very simple because of every installation of the .NET framework provides same core classes, all we need is to copy all the files from a virtual directory on a production server. Moreover, ASP.NET also simplifies the configuration by not depending on IIS for security details such as user information and privileges. This is because ASP.NET web application keeps settings stored in the web.config file and ensures that the web.config file is kept in the same directory as your web pages and is never locked, so it can be updated anytime.

Apart from all these, ASP.Net is a compiled language and not interpreted. From the above reasons, it is clear that diving into ASP.NET development would help developers get more exposure. What’s your take on this? Share your views in the comments…!

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