Build Interactive Bots for Your Business with Microsoft Bot Framework

Talking About Build Interactive Bots for Your Business with Microsoft Bot Framework, The rising era of Artificial Intelligence (AI) has propelled the significance of chatbots in today’s world. Previously, developing a highly interactive Chatbot who can easily interpret human commands and request was a daunting task. Isn’t it? But, there is one company who has always shown promising advancements in the area of Chatbot development and evolution.

The tech mammoth has put in all the efforts to show rapid progress in various aspects of Artificial Intelligence such as machine learning and natural language processing. Today, the Artificial Intelligence solutions provided by Microsoft have come as a great relief to the technopreneurs across the globe in order to integrate chatbots with their existing platforms.

Undoubtedly, Microsoft is leaving no stones unturned to bring significant advancements in enhancing the significance of chatbots in web development industry. Microsoft made the bot builder available as an open-source SDK not only on.NET but also on REST API and Node.js.

Build Interactive Bots for Your Business with Microsoft Bot Framework

Microsoft cognitive services work as a magic wand to amplify all the AI activities and add modern technologies to your chatbots with minimal code. Microsoft always believes in providing a remarkable experience to its customers. And, hence the APIs are constantly updated and amended.

The Microsoft bot framework extracts all the information from all the meaningful sources in order to provide meaningful and useful information to its users.

Well, now the question is, How Microsoft is providing Artificial Intelligence solutions with the help of Microsoft Bot Framework?

Here you go:

Language Understanding:

The cognitive service model is built in such a manner that it understand users’ language contextually and respond appropriately.  For this, cognitive service provides five APIs:

Language Understanding Intelligent Service (LUIS)

  • Text Analytics API
  • Bing Spell Check API
  • Linguistic Analysis API
  • Web Language Model (WebLM) API

Knowledge Extraction:

Through proper knowledge extraction, cognitive service model provides the facility of auto-complete suggestions, add personalized texts, etc.

Talking About Build Interactive Bots for Your Business with Microsoft Bot Framework,  For this, cognitive service provides five knowledge APIs that makes work much simpler for the chatbots:

  • Entity Linking Intelligence Service
  • Recommendations API
  • Knowledge Exploration Service
  • Academic Knowledge API
  • QnA Maker

Speech Recognition and Conversion:

Microsoft bot framework provides advanced speech skills which utilize various algorithms for Text-to-speech and speech-to-text conversions along with the speaker recognitions.

Bing Speech API

Custom Recognition Intelligent Service (CRIS)

Speaker Recognition API

Web Search:

Just by adding up few lines of code you can get access to a vast sea of images, videos, news, etc. How? Through Bing search APIs. Along with this, you can leverage the power of customization and configure the APIs by language, geographical location, etc. Mainly five Bing Search APIs are used in Cognitive Service:

  • Web Search API
  • Image Search API
  • Video Search API
  • News Search API
  • Autosuggest API

Image and Video Understanding:

Understanding image and video can be grueling for bots. Is it? Not now! Microsoft offers Vision APIs that runs algorithms to process images and videos and come back with the relevant response.

The APIs can easily understand varieties of features like the color of the content, content category, etc. To process images or videos Cognitive Services provide four APIs:

  • Computer Vision API
  • Emotion API
  • Face API
  • Video API

Location Control:

Having a complete knowledge of user’s location makes it pretty easy for bots to serve them better when they require location details in order to accomplish a task. Bing location control makes it quite easy for the bots to acquire information like pick up location, destination address, etc.

Talking About Build Interactive Bots for Your Business with windows development services like Microsoft Bot Framework, This is how Microsoft has set itself apart from the rest and have successfully managed to provide satisfactory services by utilizing Artificial Intelligence with Bot framework.

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