Microsoft PowerBI: The Most Effective Business Intelligence tool for Business

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Microsoft PowerBI, the most effective Business Intelligence and Analytical tool for a Business

Ensuring all business procedures are managed properly seems a huge task! However, ever since digitization, data has played an integral part in the success of businesses. The challenges faced in producing data in such high amounts is a challenge for every industry, irrespective of the size. Today, companies require external help when it’s time for profitable and productive decision-making; this is where Power BI steps in. It provides organizations with exactly what they need to survive this data-centric market. 

In this Power BI guide, you will discover all the basic concepts of Power BI and build a fundamental understanding of using Power BI business tools. Haven’t you tried Power BI yet? Then, look for Power BI Consulting Services and take your step forward towards a range of attractive visualizations. 

What is BI? 

Business Intelligence refers to a suite of technologies, applications, and methods for collecting, integrating, analyzing, and presenting business data. The sole purpose of BI is to assist in better decision-making. Basically, BI systems are data-driven Decision support systems that convert blocks of data into actionable knowledge and intelligence. 

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BI has a direct and substantial impact on companies’ tactical, strategic and operational business decisions. BI is all about fact-checked decision-making using data instead of a gut feeling. BI tools conduct data analysis and formulate summaries, reports, dashboards, and charts to offer clients detailed information about the nature of the business. 

Microsoft PowerBI: The Most Effective Business Intelligence and Analytical tool for Business

What is Power BI?

Microsoft Power BI is a data visualization and business intelligence tool for converting vast amounts of data into actionable insights, interactive dashboards, and analysis reports. Power BI is a cloud-based solution for attractive visualizations with a simple user interface for the end-users to create their own dashboard and reports. 

Microsoft PowerBI: The Most Effective Business Intelligence and Analytical tool for Business
source: eweek

To sum it up, it is a business analytics service and a part of the Microsoft Power platform.

What are the key features of Power BI?

Since the inception of Power BI, Microsoft has never failed to upgrade and has added new data analytical features now and then. Here are a few essential features of Power BI.

AI- Users can access text analytics and image recognition in Power BI. They can create machine learning models employing automated machine learning skills and integrate with Azure Machine learning.   

Integrated with Cortana- Cortana integration is a very popular feature on mobile devices. It allows end-users to query using natural language. It is a digital assistant of Microsoft, just like Siri and Alexa. 

APIs for integration- This feature offers developers application performance indicators and sample code for implanting the Power BI dashboard in different software products. 

Modeling view- This allows end-users to distribute complex data models by specific subject area into separate graphs, multi-select subjects, establish common properties, go to properties pane to view and modify properties. And also set displays folders to understand complex data types

Hybrid deployment support- This helps business intelligence tools to connect to multiple sources of data. Further, it allows and enables automatic app of analytics to insight by developing data subsets with quick insight capability. 

Customization – This feature allows web developers to alter the impression of default visualization and import new tools into the platform.

Self-service data preparation- Using Power query, analysts can ingest, integrate, transform and enhance big data in the Power BI web service. In addition, this data can be shared with multiple BI models and dashboards.

Components of Power BI? 

Power Query- Power query offers users a robust GUI ( Graphical User Interface) to transform and employ the data as per requirement. It can be downloaded as an add-in feature in Excel or used as an aspect of Power BI. 

Power Pivot- It is a data modeling and calculation engine that allows users to build data models, create calculations and establish connections. It employs DAX (Data Analysis Expression) language to construct simple and complex data. 

Power View-  It is the fundamental data visualization of Power BI. This technology is available in SQLServer, Excel, Sharepoint, and Power BI. It brings complex data to life by letting users create visuals graphs, maps, and charts. In addition, it can directly connect to data sources and categorize data for each visualization component.

Power Map- This is a 3-D visualization tool that enables users to map their data and chart pillow rows of data visually in 3D formats on Bing maps from a Data model or Excel table in Excel. 

Power Q&A- This feature allows users to interact with the data in their own words. It is the quickest way to get the desired answer using natural language from the data.

Power BI Desktop- This is a development tool for Power Pivot, Power View, and Power Query. This is the one-stop solution for everything and also an easier to create BI and data analysis experience.

Power BI Website- The solutions of Power BI can be released on the Power BI website. Users can create dashboards for reports and share them with others, and they can also create reports directly on the website.

Power BI Mobile Apps- Power BI Mobile App includes three OS providers- Android, Windows, iOS. These apps offer you an interactive impression of dashboards and reports on the Power BI site. 

The Architecture of Power BI

Data Integration

In the first stage, an organization needs to operate with data that comes from multiple sources and be indifferent to file format. Then, the data extracted from different sources need to be integrated into one standard format.   

Data Processing 

The data is not ready for visualization as the raw data requires processing. The data is pre-processed and cleaned according to business requirements. 

Data presentation 

As the data is processed and uploaded, it can be viewed much better with Power BI visualization tools. Report and dashboard can make data more interactive. 

How to install and run Power BI desktop 

Step 1- Visit the site and select the download free option

Step-2 The page will be redirected to a Microsoft store and choose the Get button

Step-3 Tap the install tab

Step-4 You can see progress status on the desktop 

Step-5 Before the welcome screen, you have to register to enter

Step-6 Now, when you run Power BI Desktop, you will see the Welcome page

Who are the users of Power BI?

Here are the professionals who employ the Power BI tool. 

  • IT Team and Professionals
  • Data scientists
  • Project and Portfolio Manager
  • Consumer to get an end-user report
  • Business and Data Analyst
  • Database Administrator 


Business intelligence is an ever-growing technology and is massively dominating all the business processes around the globe. The impact of Power BI in businesses is vast, and it offers multiple software connectors and services to drive business intelligence.
If you are looking for Power BI capabilities, look for any Microsoft Enterprise Services to optimize and use big data to gain profits.

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