Create Ultra-Fast & Modern App with Node.js Framework Create Ultra-Fast & Modern App with Node.js Framework

Talking About Create Ultra-Fast & Modern App with Node.js Framework, “The huge chunks of data that is transformed over multiple channels within a fraction of seconds is highly unprecedented” – Says Tom, Android Developer of Buffer app.

The Fact That You Can Connect With People Across The World With A Small Tiny Message Has Shifted An Entire Communication Paradigm. I Do Think That Twitter Is Making a Shift from “What You Are Doing” To More of “What You’re Reading” Focusing More on Sharing Content at a Lightning Speed One Could Ever Think-Off.

Do you know?

  1. In accordance with the Zendesk report, 92% of customers feel satisfied when they use the live chat feature. – It means customers feel more satisfied during the “purchasing journey” with the real-time chat feature.
  2. According to EConsultancy, 51% of customers prefer live chat for multitasking purposes, with another 21% preferring live chat so they can shop while they work. – It means if you’re not catering to the needs of masses, you’re missing a huge opportunity.

Today, real-time processing and consumption of information have become the need of an hour and Node.js and are the perfect combinations to build your next-generation real-time web app.

Looks like everybody wants to build and Node.js real-time messaging applications these days. Well, that’s completely fine and messaging or chat application is just the tips of the icecap. Just think for a moment, I mean there are literally tons of other things you can build with the real-time domain.

But, if you want to go real-time, is one of the most essential and prioritized libraries if you’re thinking to build it with Node.js. But why? Because it allows synchronized communication to take place within your application or system, which simply means real-time communication.

Didn’t understand? Let me say it another way: would allow you to set a real-time message exchanging scenario between device or systems. For instance, your phone ringing when another person calls you or receiving a message from another person.

It’s so fascinating, isn’t it?

What Does Node.js Do?

Talking About Create Ultra-Fast & Modern App with Node.js Framework, Before getting started with real-time app development, let’s get an idea of It’s a library that’s based on multiple techniques that allow real-time communication to happen. One of the best and the most recent is the web-socket. Basically, Node.js or mean stack makes use of a web socket that helps to establish a two-way channel and this enables the server to push data quickly on the client side; thus eliminating HTTP overhead. This ability to handle multiple user requests makes Node.js one of the best-fitted platforms to build real-time applications.

How Developing A Real-Time Application With Node.js And Can Give An Edge Over Your Competitors?

  1. Fast and Scalable:

Being a single threaded module with an event loop, it’s quite efficient when it comes to handling multiple client requests. One of the major advantages of Node.js is it makes use of JavaScript that holds property of faster execution, it is highly used in the creation of network application.

  1. Data Sync between Client and Server:

As Node.js is capable to write JavaScript on both client and server side, data transfer is faster between client and server side.

  1. Event-Based Server:

 An Event-based & non-blocking driven server is best- fit if the web applications need to handle a large number of real-time users.

  1. Different Modules:

As Node.js multiple modules make use of API that is specifically designed to reduce the complexity of writing server’s application, these applications are capable to run on multiple operating systems like MacOS, MS Windows, and UNIX servers.

Let’s Catch A Glimpse Of Some Telling Projects and Companies Using Node.js &

Node.js allows you to make use of scripts coded in a different language. So what about Node.js app examples that have achieved tremendous success? We’ve gathered some information about renowned companies and projects using Node.js. Create Ultra-Fast & Modern App with Node.js Framework

So, Want To See Your Project On The Above List?

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