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Brainvire develops an innovative peer-to-peer marketplace for an online sneaker reseller on the web, iOS, and Android platforms


About Client

Popular among young folks in general, the client is based in New York and provides end to end solutions in buying and selling sneakers. Moreover, they offer a wide range of product from a general release like Jordans to the newest Yeezys. People can buy and sell their sneakers online freely using their services. Their prominent product idea is to make it easier to purchase and sell, and at the same time provide unmatched service to all their patrons offering a streamlined in-app experience.

About Product

The client approached Brainvire to develop a complete e-commerce solution on the web, iOS as well as Android. The innovative approach was to create a common account for users so that they can buy as well as sell their sneakers online simultaneously and effortlessly. A mobile app was to be developed for iOS as well as Android, allowing them to upload pics of their used shoes and upload them online for selling.

How we did it ?


Innovation and Simplification of Purchase and Sales model

While most purchase and sales models require an administrator to complete the transaction, the peer to peer marketplace provides an easier option for purchaser and seller to have a single account to have both the profiles, combined into one.

Product Condition Rightfully Justified

Perfect listing of products is required so that the condition is perfectly justified by the seller in front of the purchaser. Using advanced Knockout JS programming, the quality and condition of the product are perfectly displayed in front of the purchaser.

AR Influenced Experience

Now the users can simply open the camera and use the inbuild AR engine in the app to try the shoes live which takes away the sizing and fitting guesswork during purchase. This helps the seller and buyer better understand what they are purchasing and whether the sneakers would fit them perfectly before they place an order.

Perfect Authentication Methods Innovated and Applied

When a purchaser buys the product, and the seller ships it, the advanced programming used authenticates the purchase and sell before it is shipped. Moreover, once listed, the seller can ship the items to the client and the order is fulfilled directly by the client. However, transactions are peer-to-peer making them very secure, convenient and quick.

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