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Brainvire Is Exceeding In Jack Of All Trades- Full Stack Development

Full stack development has been a talk of the town for IT service providers and developers nowadays. But for Brainvire, it was already a well-implemented concept from years. Associating front end and back end under one roof is the methodology being followed inBrainvire for quite a long time.


Diversified knowledge of application development is essential for the business startups and new ventures. Brainvire holds the full stack developers who have functional knowledge of all development layers. These developers have the capabilities to craft one application single-handedly.


9th November 2017 Utah USA



Brainvire’s founder and CEO Mr. Chintan Shah explains, “The way market is evolving, the full stack development has become a vital requirement for application development. Having visualized this situation long back, Brainvire started implementing the methodology and empowered the company to work on it. We have worked on lots of real-time, complete business cases. As a result, we are marching ahead in the competition.


At Brainvire, the Full stack development comprises of the diversified layers such as HTML, CSS, JavaScript, back-end Languages, Database, web storage, and Web Application Architecture.


Brainvire has marked its footprints in HTML5 and CSS3 via excellence in the technologies. Moreover, Brainvire has mastered the animation oriented, HTML5 based web pages completely without the use of Flash. Brainvire’s comprehensive rental web application is the best example of innovation, technology, and creativity together.


JS – JavaScript is the one and the only language that runs in the browser natively and can work as a server-side language. Brainvire holds hands-on expertise in the responsive web pages with the mobile first approach.  Brainvire’s full stack developers know how to extensively use JavaScript features such as event delegation, inheritance, closures, scope handling, callbacks, asynchronous control flow, and higher functions. Brainvire has adopted latest JavaScript frameworks such as JQuery, Angular JS, Express JS, etc. World’s leading diamond jewelry supplier received a spurt in the business sales after JavaScript enriched application supported the enterprise extensively.


Either a web application development or a mobile application development, Brainvire has achieved excellence in powerful languages including PHP, Node.js, .Net, and Python. Besides, Brainvire possesses a skilled full stack developers with competent knowledge of native Android, native iOS, PhoneGap, and MEAN stack to shape up ideas into successful mobile applications that generate higher revenues. A marijuana supplier noted quite a good amount of revenues in the business via the PHP based application. In addition to that, an ePaper application developed for leading newspaper ‘The Times of India’ says a lot about Brainvire’s expertise on .Net.


Taking a database into consideration, Brainvire has handled large-scale databases with billions of rows and terabytes of sized data. Having worked on the relational databases such as MySQL and MS SQL, Plus non-relational databases such as No SQL, Mongo DB, Postgre SQL, etc., Brainvire’s database development competency is massively noticed in the IT development world. Dealytics is the strong proof of it since it’s a huge platform to discover industry trends, investments, and financial entities globally.


In the frame of web application architecture, Brainvire’s expertise lies in complex architecture such as Amazon cloud services and dedicated servers. Moreover, Brainvire is equipped with an experience in secured architecture, scalable architecture, and back up ready architecture. Brainvire’s created a masterpiece marketplace with strong features such as multilingual support, mobile POS, online ordering, virtual payment, auto currency detection, and more.


When the technology arena is changing frequently, it’s always advisable to have knowledge of all technologies. A technology, not an apt solution for one business, can be the bespoke solution for another. Because of continuously evolving with technology trends, 16+ years of deep industry experience, and 500+ happy clients overseas, Brainvire is awarded by Clutch as a fastest growing IT company recently.

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