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Brainvire Launches Revolutionary Mobile Point-of-Sale System For Retailers

Brainvire launches an revolutionary, speedy and accurate store management and mobile point-of-sale system for retailers to help them administer all aspects of the retail business automatically…”!

Mobile Point-of-Sale System For Retailers

India, 19th September, 2014–Brainvire a leading software development and IT consulting firm announced the release of “Mobile Point-of-Sale” retail management system furthering commitment to delivering world-class solutions combined with ease of use, rich automation and outstanding integration capability. Built upon the Magento open source eCommerce web development services platform, the Mobile POS platform support iOS, Android and Windows Phone and allows for flexibility and scalability to easily handle growth and new functionality requirements.

The Magento POS solution is designed to revolutionize the way retailers do business, process payments, perform smarter, faster and more efficiently while interacting seamlessly with other mission-critical systems and sales channels. The Brainvire’s Mobile POS system provides retailers with robust features and functionality required to deliver valuable customer, inventory and marketing information to enhance the overall shopping experience for customers while increasing the sales for retailers.

A real-time and easy-to-use Mobile POS solution drives a generational change in payment infrastructure with a PC-based or mobile-based point-of-sale solution and high speed internet connections offering greater value to retailers and their customers. The Brainvire Mobile POS solution offers unprecedented value to the customers, enhanced in-store experience, complete retail management solution to manage multiple stores or retail chains, faster transactions than legacy POS systems, support for next-generation hardware devices, ease of use for managing complex inventory, efficient purchase order creation and lots more.

Equipped with a user-friendly interface that is easy to use help retailers to increase their store efficiency, a role based design that empowers super admin, store manager and store assistants a complete business suite experience with the ability to manage the whole store or a particular store and extend the storefront to drive even more revenues for their businesses online.

The future of modern retail is all about customer experience. We understand the challenges retailers face when trying to grow their business. Mobile POS is a secure, integrated and robust point-of-sale system rich in capabilities and seamlessly integrates with the latest in the storefront technology to help retailers provide their customers with a unique experience while also valuable to critical decision making!” said Chintan Shah, CEO at Brainvire. We are looking forward to offer small, medium or large sized retailers a complete business solution and support to empower people with the right information to transform today’s retail challenges into long-term success.

Brainvire’s Mobile POS retail system can function for all sorts of vertical retail market like apparels, shoes, sporting goods, jewellery, books, cosmetics, electronic items, gift shops etc. The Mobile POS solution stands for reliability, scalability, quality and cost-effectiveness as well as customization services available on the Mobile POS system as per the business needs and deeds of the retailers.

Specifications, photos and more information about Brainvire’s Mobile POS retail system can be found at and for more information about the company visit them at now!

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