Brainvire Retail Omnichannel ERP – One Stop Destination for Arrays of Retail Solution Woes

To keep up with the avowedly inexorable march of advancements in retail technology, Brainvire has launched the unrivaled all-in-one solution for retail businesses – The Retail Omnichannel ERP, eventually marking a culmination to never ending retail woes. The requisite for well- synchronized and connected multichannel retail solution is more in demand as compared to previous years. Fabricating Omnichannel retail experiences is quintessential, and has become quite important from a retailer’s perspective to get ahead in the competition and carve a niche in the market.

The high-end retail value chains having hundreds of physical outlets necessitate the involvement of individual store management, inventory management, warehouse management, POS management, online store management, and customer relationship management, among many other things. Our solution assists retailers with easy handling and management of store-wise inventory meanwhile keeping it synchronized with the centralized inventory, eventually driving higher ROI and sales, bringing more leads, and increasing revenues. Also, it keeps a tight rein on product assortment strategy, and enables real-time tracking of items moving in and out from different warehouse to various stores.

Diving a little deeper in the Brainvire’s Retail Omnichannel ERP Experience

With the advancement in retail technology, the entire retail store management turns out to be plain-selling, but for every customer demand, the retailers are required to team up with various solution providers. In such case, dealing with the myriad of retail solution providers is quite a hectic task for the retailers, which is where the Retail Omnichannel Solution Development Company arrives into action. Brainvire manufactures this ultimate solution to fulfill the larger requirements of retail stores all in under one roof.

No matter whether the retailers are using offline or online mode to sell their products, strengthening the bond with consumers always rests as the top priority, hence, settling at the core of retail Omnichannel sale. On this note, the implementation of our solution serves as the best to construct a long lasting relationship with the customers. Similarly, in the era of internet boom, it’s quite to ensure that your digital and physical stores operate together. Having presence on various online channels is not enough, you also need to seamlessly bind the experience of the two as well if one wishes to seek the maximum leads online, Brainvire’s solution is the simple answer to that.

Enlightening the interior aspects of this one-stop retail solution

1) Inventory Management

In order to make the handling and management of store-wise inventory easy our solution focuses on providing features like Notification for Low Inventory, Inventory Tracking, Reports Generation, and Purchase Order Management, amongst many others.

2) Gateway To Online Presence

Interact with online world using responsive M-commerce/E-commerce apps for various platforms. Get an access to features like Bespoke UI and UX, Advanced search, Detailed Product Description, Online Payment, and Order Shipping to seamlessly drive higher sales.

3) Marketplace Integration

Increasingly, the Ecommerce stores want to list assortments on the leading marketplaces in the world, for instance, Jet, Amazon, Rakuten, Walmart, and Sears to seek the benefit of their higher conversion rate, traffic, and popularity.

4) Customer Relationship Management

Get an access to having Interaction with Social Media Channels to Track Customers, Attract New Customers, Get Constant Customer Follow-ups, and have a good hand on Customized Marketing Campaign.

Why Brainvire’s Retail Omnichannel Solution?

It ensures smoother workflow, better return on investment, and highly improved customer experiences. Our Omnichannel ERP solution seamlessly creates and connects various retail business channels with each other in order to ensure an unparalleled and smoother work process.

Whether your medium of retail is via an eCommerce web development, mobile app, brick and mortar store, or marketplaces, with our solution you can offer similar shopping experiences to various consumers irrespective of when, how, and why they are forming an interaction with your brand.

Our retail solution shall collect your online as well as offline marketing channels and sales so that it will lead to a reduction in operational overheads and increase in enriched customer experiences, eventually, leading better ROI and sales for your businesses.

About Brainvire

Brainvire is Digital Transformation consulting company that works for Web and Mobile App Development, also delivering the solutions with the customer-oriented approach and deploying excellent strategy. We are a global IT, outsourcing, and consulting company, delivering phenomenal experiences using breakthrough solutions while leveraging the best-in-class industry knowledge and latest technology expertise. Brainvire shares its international presence in countries like USA, UK, Australia, Canada, Singapore, UAE, France, etc. In a span of 13 years, Brainvire’s reservoir of 550+ resources has developed 150+ mobile apps successfully along with 1500+ web apps for a wide range of industries.

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