Why and when should you consider WooCommerce to Magento Migration?

Just as the eCommerce businesses, the platforms for eCommerce development are also increasing with the passing time. Today, there are several platforms available for eCommerce website development like Magento, Shopify, PrestaShop, VirtueMart, WooCommerce, CS-Cart, osCommerce, ZenCart and many more. But, the recent analysis of the widely used eCommerce platforms has revealed that Magento and WooCommerce are the front runners in the eCommerce race. While WooCommerce holds on to the first runner up position by occupying the 23.7% of the market share, Magento goes ahead to be the winner with the maximum of all, the 25.5% market share.

So, why is such that WooCommerce is just behind the Magento in numbers? What makes Magento, the best platform for online store development for the enterprises of the modern age?

Although both of them have some similar and a variety of benefiting features for customers, there are certain things that are still better in Magento as compared to the WooCommerce. So, now let’s see what are those things or areas where Magento excels over WooCommerce for eCommerce development.

In What Ways is Magento better than WooCommerce?

WooCommerce is no doubt a popular WordPress based eCommerce platform, but, it is an ideal fit only for small businesses or start-up firms that have a limited number of products or services to sell and which do not have multiple online stores. WooCommerce would not scale up easily for the increasing requirements of the business. It might look to be an economical option for eCommerce website development at the beginning, but, later on, as the matter comes to integrating extensions for customized needs of the business, the costs would literally shoot out to the skies with this WordPress development services for eCommerce.

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Advantages with Magento Development:

  • Magento suits eCommerce needs of all types of businesses whether small start-ups, mid-sized firms or large-scale enterprises
  • It can be easily integrated with extensions for any time customization needs and can be completely customized as per business needs
  • Scaling up businesses on a wide scale with multiple online stores can be done with Magento development
  • Magento supports a number of free extensions, backend tools, themes and plugins for use and hence, offers cost-effective web development for businesses
  • Magento neither sets any limit for products or on the number of stores to be created.
  • It is just the right choice for the development of multi-vendor eCommerce stores
  • Most appealing and versatile online stores can be developed for supreme functionality
  • Magento supports SEO friendly eCommerce store development

When to consider WooCommerce to Magento Migration?

When you want to

  • Build an online store to sell out a wide range of products and services
  • Build an online store for large-scale or growing businesses with future scaling needs
  • Develop multiple online stores for a business
  • Develop multi-vendor eCommerce stores
  • Develop an online store which can be customized easily for any sort of requirement at any point of time

Hence, anyone of the above points matches your requirements, then Magento development can be the right solution to meet your needs. All you are required to do is to channelize your investments towards hiring the best Magento development services, then 90% of your job will be done.

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