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Quarterly Distribution of Over USD 5M Managed by Brainvire’s Investor App

 Brainvire - Custom Investor App

About Client

The client is a prominent investment management firm based in the Dallas Fort Worth area of the United States. It manages investments to the tune of billions of dollars across different industry verticals. It has an unwavering focus on capital preservation and the elimination of unsystematic monetary risks. With a strong history of transactional performance, the firm has established its indomitable presence across the USA.

Product Idea

The client has nurtured the vision to offer a best-in-class investing experience to its elite clientele and hence partnered with Brainvire. Through the app, investors can visualize the balance sheet, asset allocation, contract details, and other critical information in real-time. They can also read the latest industry news and diversify their investments based on current market trends. Integrated with Yardi, the mobile solution is a one-stop resource to make profitable investments.

How we did it ?


Over 5k Investors Registered

The app has become a favorite tool among investors and is helping them achieve their financial goals successfully.

USD 5M+ Quarterly Distribution

Managing and awarding quarterly dividends to investors has become quite easy for the client.

50+ Investment Opportunities

The platform has a plethora of investment options spanning different industry verticals.

1000+ Options for Assets Allocation

The client can easily diversify and allocate investment amounts based on current bullish trends in the market.

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